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  May 4 Mykenzie
Evelyn McGee
I'm walking a tightrope
Below me is a quick death
But on the other side is you
And you know **** well
I will do everything it takes
To get back to you
Mykenzie May 2
14 days
336 hours
16 years
140,160 hours
of life
I'm officially 16 in 14 days
Mykenzie Apr 21
You weren't my first
but I sure do hope that you're my last
Mykenzie Apr 19
First loves are important

They show you what you want,
and they serve as your guide post.

You compare every love to that first one,
and you'll never forget it.
Mykenzie Apr 18
Birthdays are happy days,
untill they fall on the sad days.

Easter this year is my moms 35
Middle age,
grey hair,
wisdom beyond years.

easter this year is my nanas second.
57 years,
6 feet under,
Counting my tears.
Mykenzie Apr 9
When I think of you,
I think of perfection.

When I see you,
I see perfection.

I see toned body,
pretty eyes.

I think caring,
smart mind, understanding,
loving, funny,

See, darling,
you are not just your body,
but your mind as well.
both working in perfect harmony
to make you, well, you.
Mykenzie Apr 4
Maybe the sand loved the waves
because everytime they left,
they always cam eback.
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