If I asked who you were,
would you know much more than your name?

Would you know what you ant to name your kids,
or who your husband is going to be.

Could you telle your lineage,
or where you were born?

Could you tell me any of these things,
If asked who you were.

Would yoou know much more than your name?
Danielle Mar 7
She screamed,
but nobody listened.
Because she didn't have a pretty face,
to match her pretty mind
Danielle Mar 7

Be careful when trying to fix a broken person
You may cut yourself on the pieces

Danielle Mar 7

You are Not a name
or a height, or a weight,
or a gender
You are Not an age
You are Not where you are from

You are your favorite books,
and the songs stuck in your head.
You are your thoughts
and what you eat for breakfast

You are a thousand things,
But everyone chooses to see a million things you are not
You're beautiful.
You're perfect.
You're enough.
Danielle Feb 28
She looked past all your flaws
Past all the mistakes you made
Past the fact that you broke her
Past all the times you hurt her
And after all that
She still loved you
And the worst part was
You could never love her
Like she loved you
Danielle Feb 28
Shadows are what haunt me.
Late at night,
when they cannot be seen.
Shadows are what haunt me.
Early in the morning,
when they stretch long.
Shadows are what haunt me.
Not the kind that can be seen.
Shadows are what haunt me,
my past,
and my future.
Danielle Feb 27
Innocent girl,
afraid of the world.
They have no idea what goes on in your mind.

They can't see the cuts.
They can't hear your thoughts.
They can't see you're at war with yourself.

"You're too good."
"You'd never do wrong."
"You're so innocent."

They can't see you're dying.
They can't hearing your crying.
They can't hear you screaming for help.

Innocent girl,
when will you tell the world,
about the pain you feel.

They don't believe you could hurt,
They don't believe you could bleed,
They are sickened by your "perfection".

"You've never been depressed."
"You're mind is so clear."
"You've never known struggle."

Innocent girl,
when will you show the world,
the scars you have from losing your mind.
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