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Tangence Feb 2015
Every winter
I become dragon
Wings unfurl
Black combat boots crunch
Against the icy ground
Claws raking streaks like stars

Every winter
I become dragon
Because my heart is a princess
Stuck within the towers created by my ribcage
She mourns
I grow scales of armor

Every winter
I become dragon
"This isn't working out"
The sound of tears washes over the chambers of the castle
I swish my tail, I close my eyes
I can feel the walls tremble

Every winter
I become dragon
Because I grow stronger
I do so because I realize only I am able to protect myself
I curl myself around the princess and swear to do better
Spring will come, in time
  Feb 2015 Tangence
Graced Lightning
Text her. Send her messages that she won't know how to respond to. she'll read them and put her phone down. Stare at the read receipt for hours until you realize she's not picking the phone back up, she doesn't have anything to say to you.

Eat lots of chocolate. It has serotonin in it, the happy chemical. When you cuddle with her, your brain releases oxytocin. As long as you eat enough chocolate (and throw it up) you won't miss the oxytocin one bit.

Bleed. When she tells you that she cuts herself, cut deeper. This is guerrilla warfare now, and for every shot fired you must fire back.

Read your messages. Laugh at the nicknames she used. "Princess". "Baby". "Darlin". You were never her princess, never her baby. She was the child and you were merely her plaything.

Make art. Write dumb poetry about falling in and out of love, take photographs of your ****** thighs, paint a picture using only shades of red. Let her figure out what all these things mean.

Drink. Green tea, *****, over-priced lattes. Stay up all night crying. Wear stilettos. Sit in art museums all alone and wonder if being a starving artist is as much fun as it sounds. Take long showers and harmonize with your favorite songs through your tears. Use heavier, blacker eyeliner. Spend time on yourself. Adopt a cat. But most of all, remember this:

You can only love one person. Choose yourself
Tangence Feb 2015
Favorite poem!
Best conjuring of loneliness in words I have ever seen.
The phrase "a leaf falls" is embedded in the word loneliness.
The visual aspect of the poem conveys the mood very well.
Also, analysis of each line reveals that the arrangement is deliberate.
L(a, or 'la' in french is the feminine form of 'one' or 'the'
'le', also in french is the masculine form
The next two lines, 'af' and 'fa' mirror each other
ll, again, singular
'one', self explanatory
'l' functions as one (1)
And the second half of the segmentation, which reads "oneliness" suggest a declaration of wholeness but also solitude.

— The End —