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Anushruti Singh Apr 2019
On the way, during travelling
There’s a lot of obstacles
Lots of breakers, lots of crackers
Lots of turns and lots of miracles
Lots of ups and downs
Lots of animals and peoples though
And even conditions of roads
Are not up to the mark.

But there one thing in our mind
We have to reach anyhow at the end
There’s no matter if fact that
What time it needs.

So, why we stop
After some failures?
On the way of life.
There also obstacles
Miracles, sane and insane peoples
Crust and trough too.

Why we aren’t so crazy
As much as during travelling
Why we aren’t keep in mind that
Anyhow we have to reach our beach

Never stop, never!
During the way of your aim.
Be so insanely crazy about your game
Think why you are doing so.

Keep in mind that  
Plant takes a long time
To become a prolific tree.
They also suffer a lot as we do.
Sufferings are different but pain is same though.
Its all about how people change their aim after some failures and disappointed. And also about how everything in our life teaches us some lesson but depend upon us how we see everything, as a lesson or as a ordinary thing.
Anushruti Singh Oct 2018
Do you ever feel like a dust
Drifting through wind
Starting spear in others eyes.

Do you ever feel like a paper thin
One may use, another may throw
Thinking about devaluation of your.

Do you ever feel like steeped in misery
trapped in a cagey
But no one wants to hear a thing.

Do you know that there's still a BEGINNING in you
It's not and ending of you
There's still glimmer in you.

You have to ignite the light in you
Let it shine
Let your colors brust.

Come on show them what your worth
You need to slap them with your work
BEGINNING is there in you so let it boom.

You don't have to feel like you mean nothing to this mean world
You are appealing creation of God
You're original,cannot be replaced with others.

After a hurricane, comes a hope
You have to know what your future holds
BEGINNING is your soul to reach your goal.

Seeking for open door but gotta closed
So that in search of open door
leads you to the perfect road.

Like a lightening of clouds, your heart will glow
Wait for that flwaless time
When it's time, you'll know.
BEGINNING is a step to know your world where you exist.
BEGINNING is a way to embellish your world where you live
BEGINNING is a key to resplendent your world where you breathe                
                            -Anushruti Singh
Anushruti Singh Oct 2018
Well, taking risk
Is like beyond the clouds,
Later on, if you succeed
Makes you and others proud.

Sometimes you are in condition,
Which kills your ambition.
Everywhere you find dusk,
Lose your own trust.

Everybody look at you like grotesque,
Force you to off your queue
Defame you among your seekers and others,
Take great pains to make you weaker.

But one thing you have to do,
Just chilled and move too.
Take a risk
Slap them with your works and have a bliss.
This is about Life's struggle because of so called good peoples .. they make you deny, pull you down, makes you feel shame for your any mistakes and do whatever want to do with you... But don't lose hope just move forward and take risk , do something different and prove them wrong ..
Anushruti Singh Sep 2018
On this day
I am thinking
How strange peoples are?
Sometimes they treat you
Like u mean everything to them
But mostly they treat you
Nothing to them
Are they are foolish or trying to act like foolish ?

On this day
I am thinking
How could someone be so disgust?
How people treat themselves
As a high class people?
And make others to feel like low class people
Are they trying to make others feel low
Or they are making themselves below??

Truly they are strangers
If wanna to study them
You only get chaos everywhere.
They are worth of
Go to  hell
Never and ever change yourself for them
Because you mean nothing to them
And never question on God's creation
You are most amazing person always mention.
This poem is about so called good and high class peoples
Anushruti Singh Sep 2018
I am madly slave of my over thinking
I think I think more than others think of what I think,
Of what they are doing to me.

I think
Why everyone not think as I think
Of them and others?
I think
Why everyone have not feeling and emotions for others?
I think
Why they treat others to be so strangers,
If they can't match their so called high class?

Are they insane?
We can't read peoples mind .. sometimes u are mean to them but mostly u are nothing .. some peoples have no emotions .. they treat you like u can't match their standard ... Nd many more thing .. we all know that cause I think everyone have that type of person ..
Anushruti Singh Sep 2018
Oh! God let me know one thing
Why you have made a difference within
Rich,medium and poor one?
Though they are your sons.

Having eyes, ears, tongue, skin, and nose,
May differ in flows
Yet we look same,
little bit different fame
That's why you have made difference ****.

I have heard from many peoples
If people do bad things in this era
Then, definitely they get worst in next era
Oh! Yeah ! They are right!?
that's why you have made a differene tight !!
I was thinking about the different groups of peoples that is rich poor and medium .. how rich person get richer and poor became poorer nd medium people as usual medium .. god should not make any difference within us .. think about the life of poor ...
Anushruti Singh Sep 2018
For the first time
When I was leaving my mother's hand
Obviously I was crying
But after a minute end
Another one tackle my hand
Obviously I was filled with joy
She started to wipe my tears
I forgot all my fears
And you know what
Who she is?
Obviously she is my gorgeous teacher

For the first time
When I was with my new books
With new-new words
With lots of crooks
Obviously I was worried
But after a first day in class
I forgot all my worries
They makes me able to pronounciate
They makes me able to understand
They provide me a lots of courage
And you know what
Who they are?
They are my lovely teachers.

For the first time
When I was in my new standard
With new new flubdub calculations
Science with mystery
Social science with history
I just wanted to lose my victory
Amd Stop my studies
But they gave me lots of strength
They present 24×7 hours for me
They makes me feel that-"yes I can surely do it"
And you know what
Who they are?
They are my keen and sincere teachers.

And again, for the first time
When I was for higher studies
With new new things
Physics and chemistry brings
My head gotta a deal
That I can do nothing
But then teachers with full of knowledge
With full of energy
And with new new identical examples
Makes study more fun
And you know what
Who they are?
They are y devoted teachers.

Exactly, teachers are the
Director of our life's movie
It depend on us
Whether we follow their buzz.
They are like
Water for dried plants,
Stars for sky
Mother for child
Pen for writing.
Truly they are beyond the words.
I bestow my everything on them
Hats off to you all.
This is for my all teachers even for every teachers in the world .. here me denotes every student ..
This is about how dedicated teachers are for students .. they are truly a noble persons .. I hereby wanna to thank my teachers- Mam Diksha, mam Sareeta, Mr.Devendra Sir, Mr.Girish Sir Mr.Surya pratap Sir of S.V.M. for truly devoted towards us .. And I also thank Mam Neelam, Mam Neelu Mr.Pushkar Sir, Mr.P.N.tiwari Sir for always there for me every time.
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