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Adarsh singh Apr 2019
3rd day in the row,
tik tik,
past midnight,but no sign of sleep,
tik tik,
instead,my brain is drifting into thoughts,
tik tik,
which no man can think in sanity,
tik tik,
sound of clock keeping me calm and awake,
tik tik,
if not for the clock i would have been grotesque by the thoughts,
tik tik,
looking into the abyss through the window near my bed,
tik tik,
thinking about the tree which is right now growing wood for my coffin,
tik tik,
than suddenly,
tik tik,
i saw,
tik tik,
just outside my window,
tik tik,
a face,
tik tik,
i live on 14th floor,
tik tik.

-tik tik by adarsh singh
Adarsh singh Apr 2019
i was earth,
and you were homosapien,
you came,
you used,
you destroyed,
and now,
you are probably going to leave.
-Homosapien by adarsh singh
Adarsh singh Apr 2019
Age 12,
not a single tension of this world,
standing at a standstill,
And shouting ,'**** the whole universe'

age 13,
failed first time,
everything was fine,
except my parent's pride,

age 14,failed again,
for my pride,
my mum made me change my school once again,
I didn't feed on sun,still for everyone I was an alien,
thanks to Harry, Ron and Hermoine,
I learnt friendship from a friendship which I never got,
thanks to J.K Rowling too,
she's the reason why these rhymes make much more sense to me than those value of pi's do,

age 15, failed once again,
but no worries,
cause I know I am going to change the game,
that doesn't mean I don't cry,
don't worry,
when someone asks me,
I never tell them 'why?'

I read Edgar Allan Poe to Dan brown,
did not leave even a single account,
but still the main question remains,
will these words going to take me somewhere,
or even anywhere else,
or I too, will became a 9 to 5 slave just like everyone else.

-my story by adarsh Singh.

— The End —