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Parker Jul 2020
chasing after a vision
that never existed
perceiving the world as it is or it isnt
viewing the truth and the lies as they're twisted

what a world that we live in
Stamping your feet on the ground,
Wishing it was quicksand.
Heads in tiny places with tapers to explode.
Maybe you want it?

Necks with built in hinges,
To look back into the dark.
Where happiness reigns in your sadness.
Maybe you want it.
God only knows.

A million churches to live in,
So as not to go outside.
With towers of chastisement,
To avoid the lies.
Maybe you want it?
Maybe you don’t?
Truth comes and goes
Truth comes and goes?
R May 2016
Love is such a weird thing.
It makes you cry, laugh, scream, hate.
Love controls all.
To love is to control your emotions, your family, your life.

Love and hate are very similar in some ways.
The emotions caused by both are thrown around
causing so much trouble in a lot of people's lives.
To love is to want and need.

Pain is also like love.
It's what comes with it.
A big package that nobody signs up for willingly.
To love is to have a ticking time bomb in your pocket.

To have pain
is to have hate
is to be in love.

How could such a small word
have such a big meaning?

So, what is love?
Is it pain?
Or is it something most of us have not experienced yet?
Making us quick to judge those who have.
Raee Marie Apr 2016
Is Faith
Is Escape
Is Power to Educate
Is Life
Is Death
Is Breadth in depth
Is Reflection
Is Mirror
Is Universe of thoughts clearer
Is Eternal
Is Sacred
Is History in the making.
Rosh Apr 2016

Look where we are now
Heads bowed down
And eyes away
From glances that meant everything
And smiles that stayed

Look where you've brought us
To strangeness within
and with each other
And I know you well enough
To know you won't bother

But  I know you too well
To not know that you hate the feel
Of The sound of this silence
That's come in between

There's nothing else that can be done
Your words won't fix what's no longer there
But for something that's nothing
There's a lot hanging in the air

They're not words of anger
Or apology or hate or of choice
They're just words, however hollow
Because it's not the words, it's your voice

Just your voice to say
How you've been and how you've missed me
And wonder how we let go of something
Of such indisputable beauty

But this doesn't mean that it's going to be okay
This doesn't mean that our ending was just a
This means that you and I,
Are just as hard to forget as we were to make

But funnily enough, something I thought so pure
Ended corrupt, and *****, messy
You put me on a high pedestal
And brought me down in a jiffy

You know, you did pull me down
But to a ground I needed to see
And look up and see that high horse
Was barely even reality.

So Cheers to the moments I felt were true
Cheers to the lost times that were yet to come
Cheers to the weak friends we were
Cheers to the strangers we've become
betterdays Jun 2014
what is hate?
if not a toddler's tantrum,
wearing hobnailed boots....
and stomping about.
betterdays Jun 2014
what is fate?
if not, the hindsight
of hope and circumstance..
combined to form....
life's wibbly-wobbly jello....
betterdays Jun 2014
what is hope?
if not,
a tube of unopened
crazy, glitter glue,
you will use ......
to stick your dreams in place
betterdays Jun 2014
what is life?
if not a jigsaw puzzle,
without the box.
to be put together...
betterdays Jun 2014
what is your shadow?
if not the conglomeration
of memories...
you drag through your

— The End —