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Raee Marie Apr 2016
Our end was
No crash, No burn.
           Just shock.
Raee Marie Apr 2016
Is Faith
Is Escape
Is Power to Educate
Is Life
Is Death
Is Breadth in depth
Is Reflection
Is Mirror
Is Universe of thoughts clearer
Is Eternal
Is Sacred
Is History in the making.
Raee Marie Apr 2016
Awkward girl
Tries to keep up
Awkward world
Says never enough
Says create new oceans
With tears too heavy to *****
Says create new paths
With roads of vision, take rough patches of torn decisions,
keep tending, keep mending
Keep filling these cracks
Nourish these conditions
Maintain stable mind, steady heart
Says there is growth in replanting
New pots for greater expansion
Says transfers are still modes of transportation
Just minor shifts to new locations
Says just keep moving
Says awkward girl will never be enough in awkward world
So create a world of your own
Raee Marie Feb 2016
She was a soul with good intentions
Misunderstood with too many dimensions
Relating to her was a mission
Impossible were her decisions
Raee Marie Feb 2016
I don't wanna know your future
Just let me look into your past
Who was your last?
Why aint it last?
Just some questions I'd like to ask.
When did you turn into this ***
Of a man,
I need to grasp
This concept a little more clearly,
Cuz clearly are views are starting to
Raee Marie Feb 2016
If I told you what I really wanted
Would you run away from me?
Because the lust is there, mixed with the love somewhere
In my heart I guarantee.
You don't know me like you should,
Granted if I opened up you would...
But the rain won't stop just because you're not crying
Leaves don't just fall, not unless they are dying
And just like the seasons coming and going
Your love changed up on me.
Raee Marie Jan 2016
She was okay with being used
Because she could use them too
Use them to get away from her mind
From reality, from time
From the things she was scared to find out about her own selfish kind
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