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Alienpoet Oct 2020
Deep in a forest of fake news
Where headline games are people’s views
where pandemics become plandemics
where anti Vaxxers avoid vaccinations
and billionaires avoid taxation.

The forest of fake news
didn’t just spring up
watered by raining lies
governed by media moguls
and Facebook spies

Google and the internet shows us what we want to see
inverted mirrors of reality
each showing trees
a forest for all
with no clarity

How do see the forest from the trees?
or the trees that are fake?
life is forest full of trees but they are increasingly on the make
or plastic
or diseased
or just tricks in our sight
digital trees born out of spite

then cut down into newspapers
there’s no one to save us
we want to see the truth
that wasn’t always hidden
but we’d rather see the fake that’s not guilt ridden.

Truth the tree of life is now overrun
No one can see it
It’s been over come
and in the dark all trees look the same
it’s you and I who are to blame
We allowed them to plant
there fake news trees
and lies and untruths are a disease.
PMc Dec 2018
I’m tired
thankfully, not sick-and-tired
but the world is working on that

Tired of being lied to by young and old alike
as though someone had something to hide from me
even after these months and years

Lied to that their qualifications are not as they seemed
lied to about responsibility and blame laying
versus cooperation and team work

Lied at about relationships that seemed to have no end
until they did
then lied to further still about new beginnings
with promise of future bright.

Lied to about hope, tenacity, hard work
honesty, closing time, last call, caloric content
receipt of goods and services

Lied to about death and taxes being the only two things certain
for I have found – and I’m getting tired of it all -
that being lied to is not only a certainty
in some cases it is a constant.
One of those days when the moments added up into something.  The something then added up to what you needed to write.  They come and go, those days and I try not to miss them when they arrive.
PrttyBrd Jan 2015
Feeling every lie
******* a heart with daggers
Jagged rusty blades
Poetic T Dec 2014
Disagreed phrases,
Poisoned delirium spoke,
Untruths are listened.
A lie is still a lie which ever way told but ears do listen,

— The End —