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Why does everything that i feel
to people, it seems unreal
does it take them to pop the bubble
or am I just from a different world?
And the places we used to go together
now we just pass each other as strangers.
aku mungkin boleh melupakanmu
tapi sentiasa aku ingat perasaan itu
mungkin kerna jarangnya bahagia
jadi rindu itu masih terasa.
I know for a fact
This voice in my head
will come and attack
sticking my body to the bed
when the angel comes to collect
i’ll already be lying dead.
Somebody please help me
How do you know
if the feeling is real
or a mere imagination
out of grudges?

cuz i’ve grown tired
dealing with existence
everytime it lingers
craving for closure.
I'll just let this one slip

I've been sleeping late
but not to meet the due date
i've starved my plants for 3 days
tho i know i'll cry if it dies
i went downstairs to do laundry
ended up trying a new recipe
i'm just too lazy to move my bone
slowly i'm addicted to being alone

I'll just let this one slip

i absolutely have no clue
what do people my age usually do?
Today I told myself "can't wait to finish degree and pursue my dream!" Then i realized, why did i bother registering for the program if it wasn't my dream in the first place? Or.. am i just starting to shift my focus and lose my passion..?
Amidst the sunshine and thunder,
there's a spark of rainbow appears,
just from the sky it makes everything better,
with the warmth of rays and all of its colours.
Happy 23rd Birthday to my bestfriend! She's the sweetest person I've ever met and her hugs feel like I'm warmly wrapped in a thick winter coat <3
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