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May 2014
I don't care if he's perfect or not
I love him the way he is.
He may not think so,
But I know that all he has to offer
Is all that I need
I don't care if it's not much,
Because just having him call me Darlin'
Is enough
Just having him
Is enough

I want to tell him how much I care
But I'm afraid I'll become even more attached
And it'll break me when,
Like the ****-up I am,
I ruin this thing that's barely gotten the chance to start
And push him away and make him leave

And the sane part of me will just sit back
And watch me ruin this great thing
10:11pm last night. He was tweaked...wanted to OD and **** himself. I talked him out of it. This poem was kind of inspired by when he said "I have nothing to ******* offer you".
Written by
Dia  USA
   Ravi and Alexis
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