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When you fall out of love for me
I hope to remain
A lingering presence
In the pages of your life
I hope to be reserved
As a chapter in your memories
Even if it is one
You'll always skim by
Or one you may never read again
I hope you'll reminisce
Your time with me
Even when you forget who I am
Because I'll never forget
How you held my hand each night
And took me wherever you went
When you fall out of love for me
And maybe find someone new
In the end, my heart is content
And I'll always be here for you
6 | 31 Poems for August 2017

I have a yearning to be the poem that keeps writing itself on people’s hearts.
The yearning for this love to be intensified by the beauty of your presence.
You’re the one I can always pour myself into until you’re overflowing with love.
The buzz that you always feel when you’re with me could last for light-years.
So, this is more than just another Toy Story, enjoy our love while you laugh and bask in all its glory.
Love is blind and that I know already, but I cannot continue writing these words without you.
I was made for loving you so grant me peace of mind before I begin to lose a piece of mine.
The yearning to be left alone with my thoughts and read all the books I’ve recently bought.
I still find myself sitting at my desk trying to write poetry about the past demons that I’ve fought.
Those demons questioned the value of their existence on the day I was embraced by your love.
I have a yearning to be the poem that keeps writing itself on people’s hearts.
brokenperfection Aug 2014
Pluto, a planet!
I will never forget you
You are important

E.T, phone Houston,
I think we have a problem
I'm still scared of you

Jealous of the guys
Who got to play with The Claw
I love aliens!

Watch "Signs" and you'll see
The weird blue terrestrial
Being way extra

V/H/S Part Two
Its last scene had aliens
I hate aliens!

Maybe life on Mars
Would just force us to rethink
Our life here on Earth

— The End —