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Eyithen Aug 2018
I see you
I see through the mask you wear
I'm not fooled
So stop pretending you care

We both know
Your not who you say you are
The poison is slow
I can't believe you ever let it get this far

Stop lying to me cause i know the truth
They don't want you to speak
The demons that chase you
Let me show you the way
But, beware of the shadows that want you to stay

I can't pretend to know how you feel
So I won't but please know that I'm here
I don't want you to fall, but don't drag me down
Free yourself from this thrall
Or we'll both surely drown

Unveil your mask, break your chains
Open up your eyes
And you will soon see the enemy is bunkered
deep down inside

Tick tock tick tock

We are running out of time
The bombs about to blow
There is nowhere left to hide
Are you my friend or my foe?

I have stood by your side all these years
Exposed to your toxic radiation
Was it worth all the tears?
I'm done with this affiliation.
A toxic friendship
Mae Jan 2018
This glass between us holds a haze
that grows each and every day
I see you building up this steam
so you can freely waste away

But the reflection that you somehow see
regardless of the lack of transparency
I explain to you it doesn't come close
to what's in front of me

So tuck, duck, and hide away
it's not my fault you decided to betray
and spend all of your energy feeding
the monster in this mirror that's making you decay

— The End —