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Poetic T Jul 3
Doodles have more meaning ramblings
                                    than any art...

For they are the form
            of an active unbiased  mind.

               of those misshapen
                  misunderstood ramblings.

Till you step back
                          and delve deeper
and see the reality of originality
q Dec 2018
he's an artist
with a beautiful soul
flowers growing from his chest
they're clinging to his heavy heart
and just like his flowers
he needs the sun to thrive and bloom
writer May 2015
The sky holds all the unwritten words
The thoughts which have never been spoken
The non-existing words in all the love stories
The feelings we can't express

It holds everything we can't bring to words. It's not just a sky, it's an open book. Full of secrets and fears.

It doesn't just hold clouds and birds, it holds way more.

**It holds you & me.

— The End —