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What happened

A farm girl
In France

Bluegrass band

Are you still
And So Can You!
Just Donate

For me

And for Maggie!


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By Rick Doblin

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.
I walked the walk
Talked and I talked
Made cash out of
Little more than
Sidewalk chalk

That cubicle life
On the 21st floor
Got me two houses
And the six figures
I ******

I puzzled the math
Actuarially sound
Accounted for kings
Ayn Rand I
Made proud

I made out the richest
To be richer
Still I was poor
In my living until...
I Quit
Willis Towers Watson
Paul Rousseau Sep 2016
Lars lifts opens the toilet seat. The hinge squawks and he mimics the sound with his mouth. A dumb smile folds out on his face like someone unrolling a beach towel. He sits without dropping his pants or underwear. The cops are just about to leave through the screen door. Maggie offers a departing sacrament of right out of the oven of crispy flakey Pillsbury biscuits. They wave their hands parallel to the ground refusing. Maggie pulled the biscuits out too early. The bottoms are tan and dimensional but the tops are sloppy. They look like they have a glaze but they don’t have a glaze. They are pasty but still hot to the touch. The pan is hot. Maggie is wearing maroon oven mitts. One of the cops gets his foot snagged on the throw rug. They walk with their heads down but don’t notice the curled edges of the throw rug. They notice a black pug named Roger instead and nearly avoid fumbling over him. The cops scatter outside quickly like ducklings crossing the street. Lars’ dumb smile lingers and he laughs with a shushing lisp. He reaches between his legs into the toilet bowl. His hand disturbs the water. His nose is bleeding. Maggie closes the doorwall after the cops leave. The cops left the screen open. Maggie reopens the doorwall, closes the screen, shakes her head, and then closes the doorwall again. The kitchen is humming with improper wires. The light is electric pastel blue. The linoleum is too ***** to sleep on. Maggie’s ******* can be seen through her shirt. Lars wipes his nose with his arm and shoulder. He is hunched digging into the toilet bowl. He pulls out a baggie with a twist tie on top. The baggie looks reused. Maggie enters under the frame of the door and her lips roll out like a beach towel. The ******* in the baggie is very very dry.
camps Feb 2014
Spotted and yellow like the fever,
the Beast accompanies her everywhere she goes.

To foreign lands she travels,
where she meets the creatures that haunt her.

What a pity it would be,
should she lose sight of her daemons.

Little does she know that she's trapped in her own world,
her companion a reflection of her troubled past,

guided blindly by her big yellow friend.

Phenomenally ferocious,
The Beast lies within Maggie.
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

— The End —