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Every surface
Every hour
Any symptoms?
Out of water
Out of masks
Any victims?
He's out there
A media darling
Time to panic?
Play it safe, okay
Just don't give in
To the hype
Even if he is
Saturday Night Live
This week
Homunculus Feb 2019
As with everything else in American life, the national government is just another commodity packaged for mass consumption. We're all being spoon fed a spectacular narrative which by its very nature is designed to evoke the passions.

Every day, someone gets on TV and says or does something which provokes outrage, drawing the viewer in like the iridescent lure of an angler fish, and keeping them hooked just long enough for the hypnotic messages of the corporate sponsors to burrow their way into the collective consciousness between "newscasts."

It is precisely for this reason that these frivolous displays SELL like hotcakes. There's no government going on here. There hasn't been for who knows how long? All that is left is BUSINESS. Raw and unfettered. The United States of America is now nothing more than a 'reality' show, and boy, I tells ya, the revenue stream is OH, SO LUCRATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
There I stood, a mere ghost in the wind
For 20 years of existence
My mothers love, a familiar thing to everyone but me

In the fall I recall the slaughter of 12 Coloradans
And the demon we made into a god
I remember the punch lines and funny signs mocking our early dead
I decided that I would find a way to go out with a bigger bang
And a larger body count, to make three times the fans

All the love and sympathy
Something she'd never given me
She would be the first and then
I'd see how many more I get
Before they finally caught up with me
And freed me from my misery

And in the end you'll have no choice
But to forever remember me
Sensationalist media
Will make me a celebrity.
Found this in my old iphone. It was dated Jan 21, 2013.
Chuck Aug 2014
      catches your

     busted to the

     got ya

— The End —