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Allie May 2015
Forever falling
Always falling
Repetition is our game.

We're two players never winning
Two heart beating  
Always reaching
Never meeting

As we just go on repeating
Same mistakes
Same old lies

As we're talking
Hands held walking
Round a circle make of glass

Glass is shattering
We stop walking
Stop hand holding
Then start falling

Forever falling
Always falling
Repetition is our game.
Pax Oct 2013
Trapped in the glass
Food for your tray
I am the water that filled your thirsty soul

You're just a starve being who hungers for more
Can’t you see, I am slowly dying
My children is declining
Pollutant is destroying my beauty
day by day
I wonder if you care

I hope many of you understand
That my rage goes out of hand
That’s just how I am
Nature’s call in changes
Of the climate
and more often of what you’ve done

In time you’ll see how important I am
How you’ve lost a part of me
That cares for you
I am not selfish
All my blessings is free for the taking
But it is never yours alone

You outnumbered my children
To the point that you hunted them to extinction

You polluted my shores
To the point that I lost my blissful purity

You poisons each other's soul
To the point that I have taken the destructive consequences

Some things are hard to learn
But that doesn’t mean you’ll repeat the same mistakes
over and over again
as if it’s a good thing
it never was and never will be

I am dying, how I wish you care

*© Pax
the ocean's perspective.
Pax Oct 2014

Drowning with disappointments.
I feel breathless with regrets.
My heart is on life-support.
I’m stupid and very dense
for repeating the same mistake
over and over

© Pax
written: July 18, 2012
(I hate myself, but not too much to die for.)
disappointments and regrets makes the heart and mind weary, that's how it feels like, atleast for me.

— The End —