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Allie May 2015
Forever falling
Always falling
Repetition is our game.

We're two players never winning
Two heart beating  
Always reaching
Never meeting

As we just go on repeating
Same mistakes
Same old lies

As we're talking
Hands held walking
Round a circle make of glass

Glass is shattering
We stop walking
Stop hand holding
Then start falling

Forever falling
Always falling
Repetition is our game.
Allie May 2015
Red blue green
Ugly monster, harsh and mean.
Purple orange yellow
Quite the scary nasty fellow

With rainbow colored hair.  
He'll eat you up without a care.
Watch out for him at night
For he will give you such a fright.
Allie May 2015
I am strong
as I am weak.
I am sturdy  
as I am brittle.
I stand tall
as I fall down.
I am smiling
as I am crying.
I am forgiving
as I am begrudging.
I am calm
as I am angry.
I am joyful
as I am sorrowful.
I am kind
as I am mean.
I am all
as none are me.
All together
as all are me.
Allie May 2015
Growing up is tough, you see
Making choices
Weighing possibilities
Not even 20 in
Planning the next 50
Maybe 60
Maybe more

Staring at each open door
Choosing which to shut,
Which to explore
Remembering my childhood
Wanting 1 last year
Maybe 2
Maybe more

I can't go back, I know
Only forward
Ever onward
Into my future I go

— The End —