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Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Just touched down from Darwin,
2 hour layover in Sydney & I’m starvin’,
met a girl at the airport,
and invited her to dinner,

they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch,
but I’ve got a credit card that let’s me dine,
at almost any restaurant in any country,
on any continent in any dateline,

so I often invite,
beautiful girls and other fellow travelers,
to dine with me as my guest for free,
where we share stories over appetizers,

more peace stories than war stories,
more love than hate,
because when you really get to know someone,
you find you differ in less ways than you relate,

there we were,
both on rest stops till our next stop,
two world travelers,

I’d noticed an engagement ring,
more than a modest sized rock,
but I noticed the finger on which it sat,
made the look a bit odd,

see she wore the ring,
on her ******* instead of her ring finger,
so it was more of a fck you instead of a love you,
I asked her if there was a reason for this position,

she said it was because,
it simply didn’t fit on her ring finger,
that it was a simple mix up that was it but,
I suspected there was a reason that was deeper,

so I questioned her intentions,
why was she with this man but still acting like a free woman,
why was she speaking of “exploding like a volcano!”,
when she sees a man and feels an attraction,

about how she had a fantasy,
of meeting a beautiful Australian man,
on a beach and he’d teach her to surf,
and she’d ride his surfboard from the wave to the sand,

this was when I decided to speak up,
to tell her I didn’t think this engagement would work out,
that maybe tying the knot with a man was already a dad,
was not the best idea for a woman with no kids that liked to go out,

that maybe I was in a way,
an Angel of Divine Intervention,
and how every moment of our lives,
had led us up to that instant,

I told her no man owned her,
that her body was hers alone to control,
that life is too short to compromise,
that there is no moment other than now,

I told her that that was the reason,
that I didn’t have a wife,
because there are many women I love,
and to love only one wouldn’t be right,

how can I tell one of my lovers,
that she’s better than all the rest,
how can I tell any of the others,
that they’re not as good as the one that I’m with,

I can’t,

because love is not confined into the body of one,
love is free to love and do what love does,
and with that we finished our tapas,
and finished our rendezvous with cappuccinos and hugs,

back into the world,
back into the embrace of another lover,
back into the future,
to make more memories with more women at more dinners…

∆ LaLux ∆
cassie marie Dec 2017
Yes, I may be single
I may not be talking
I may not like anyone

But in all honesty,
Girls and boys like me,
We give the best relationship advice
Why? You may ask,
Because it's what we wish we could've done in previous relationships
Honestly I'm 10/10 feeling this comeback, totally neglected this account for a while and its mostly because with my life right now I'm going through many changes and finals were two weeks from yesterday and I'm stressing so sorry guys
Brie Pizzi Jan 2017
you may be difficult to love but that doesn't mean you're any less deserving of it

he can break your promises

you can't force change

each time you love, you love harder

each love you have will be different, incomparable (but you may try to)

you create your own limit on forgiveness

he will help you see your beauty, but that doesn't mean when he leaves it leaves with him

love alone isn't enough

distance will affect a relationship

you will be gullible when it comes to love

love should not make you weak, it should empower you

head vs. heart is a real thing

boys will trick you into thinking they are genuine. When you discover they aren't, don't blame yourself, leave

you can't force him to be anything more than what he is

people express love in different ways

time will pass, and you may still feel the same

keeping yourself busy will help, but not for long

one day you will wake up and it won't hurt anymore

he can love you, and still hurt you

you can love him, and still hurt him

not all relationships are meant to last

just because you haven't been alone doesn't mean you can't be

love should be selfless

love can make you angry, angrier than you ever thought was possible

sometimes it's easier to just forgive him, even though you know you shouldn't

you can love someone, and still break up with him/her

you can't control how you feel or who you fall for

sometimes staying will hurt you more than leaving

break ups will show you who's really there for you

you will try everything in you to believe his words even though deep down you know they aren't sincere

sometimes we want what we want even if we know it's going to **** us

he will feel hurt, and try to hurt you back

you cannot grow too dependent on him because he can leave

never settle for anything less than what you deserve

Your mind may trick abuse for love

Sometimes old love comes back; that's not always a bad thing

Time alone makes you realize who you need in your life

Some nights will be good, others will be bad

Always go with your gut feeling

You pictured your life once without him, you can do it again

Don't drag someone along when you have no intentions on keeping them

Love doesn't always make sense

Sometimes you are the problem

Be brave even when it's hard

Never settle in order to make others happy

You can always start over
Brie Pizzi Dec 2016
"You don't have any respect for yourself, bouncing from guy to guy."

These words sting and stay with me every single day. To think that someone I once loved could say something like that to me. To think that someone I once loved actually thinks that of me. But more importantly, to think that the number of guys you've been with actually determines your self worth.

I could sit here and go on defending myself saying how m y number isn't even a high number but that's not the point. The point is that the number of guys you have dated or been with, however high that number may be, DOES NOT define your self worth.

I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for about a year and a half without knowing it. Throughout the relationship he had said and done some pretty awful things to me; things that if my dad knew about, he would probably go to his house the next day to beat the **** out of him. But this one stuck to me like glue. Why? because he had made me believe it. He tricked my mind into thinking I was some kind of worthless person who doesn't respect myself.

I ask myself why I believed it. Why would someone believe that they are a **** with no self respect? Why would anyone think that ever about themselves? I think I believed it simply because the person who said this was the boy I loved, the boy I confided in, the boy I at one point saw my future with, telling me I have no self worth. It hit me hard, so hard. Harder than any other terrible thing he has said to me.

No guy should ever make you feel worthless.
No guy should ever convince you that you are anything less than whole.
No guy should ever degrade you throughout your relationship.
No guy should ever make you feel scared to be around him when he is angry.
No guy should ever put his hands on you.
No guy should ever throw your mental disorder in your face.
No guy should ever feel as though it is okay to purposely hurt you because he feels hurt.
No guy should ever make you feel like you're on top of the world one day and under it the next.

He did all of this.

I can see this now. I can see this now and I have two people that I call my best friends to thank for helping me through this past year. They always supported my decision; knowing that I was a smart girl and simply wanted me to be careful with him. They helped make me realize that what I was involved in was NOT okay. They knew it way before I did but until I had my "click", realizing that this is not healthy or worthwhile, I was going to stay in that relationship.

Thank god for my click.

— The End —