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Earl Jane Jul 2016
"My king"
Ohh my precious king,
How I hunger for your touch,
How I long for your fingers brushing through my hair til I fall asleep, How I long to hold your hands and hold it tight,
I will never let you go,
How I long to engulf you,
Feel your heartbeat as I lay my head on your chest,
Lift my head and look at you,
Looking at each other's eyes,
Be in trance, Ohhh how wondrous!
And I will go near you and will kiss you,
Ohh i will kiss you for eternity my love,
I will never stop, Your breath will be my air and as mine to you,
Ohh my king I will never ever let any time to be in waste,
I will indulge every single second with you,
I will cherish it and memorize every time I spend with you,
And every night in my sleep, I will replay those memories and savor it, i don't want the time to go on,
I want it to stop and just enjoy every moment with you forevermore.

Ohh my precious king,
Can you feel my deep yearning?
Ohh how my pillow wet from my tears of missing you, i desire you, I miss your voice,
Your voice is my music,
I miss your laugh,
Your laugh is my sunshine,
You lighten up my life,
I miss your songs,
Your songs are my nourishment,
You always fill me with your love,
My empty cup runs over with your love,
I miss looking at your angelic face,
I miss YOU, YOU!
How I really ache to be beside you,
No more video chatting, no more phone calls, no more voice clips, no more singing songs over internet, no more technologies,
Ohhh i just wanna enjoy you,
Be alone in a forest,
Enjoy the wonderful nature our God has given us,
Live a simple life with you,
Away from all troubles,
I only want to be with you!
I need to be with you!
I never dreamed life without you,
You are my life,
My future,
I can't go on with my life without you.
I can't, i just can't !

My brandon,
Soon when I see you,
Even before you ask me I will say "I do",
I want us to have God's heavenly seal,
A bond infrangible,
I wanna spend my entire life with you,
And for eternity in that heavenly realm,
I wanna serve God with you,
I wanna be a godly woman for you,
I wanna enjoy my life with you,
With God as our guide and refuge,
Ohh my king,
No words can express how I long to be only just with you,
Only YOU,
You are my life,
My breath,
My very best friend,
My soulmate,
My preordained,
My husband,
You are to me.
Ohh how i yearn for you,
This throe is so hard to bear,
But I will my love,
Because only you are there in my future,
Only you in my dream,
I will certainly & patiently wait til God's perfect time.
'Cause you are my only love, my chosen one,
And I want you, I need you, I long for you, and I love you.*

"Mine queen"
"Mine Reyna, O' darling Reyna,
As the sun doth ariseth in the east
And set in the west; thy heart wilt
Be in mine palm's, as a baby in caress.
Best of amour, the best is yet, for when
We meet, ourn lip's wilt be wet.
Wet with kisses of the morning
Celestial dew, O' heaven's much
Better, when it's thee with me;
I with thou to. Queen how I long
The approaching hour, when we
Shalt be warmed by Glowing
Angel's within their hand's-
Testimonies of God and his
Unending love, and his throne
Of power. In pearl attire, view of the mountain's
Unknown, mine lass, mine lady, I shalt embrace thy
Lonesome bones. None earphones needed, for we'll heareth
All to hear, we'll seeith creatures only the creator's aware, of the majestic being's of beauty. Hold me, closer mine Jane; lock me up into your Filipino rose Bud's, I want to drink of thine love, I want to taste thy nectar's touch. Mine chosen meed, thy hair of satin wilt I smell it's world to breathe. In and out I fulfill the seed's of prophecy, in ancient manner. Across ourn foreheads Yahweh's name, inside ourn spirit's the word's the same. The word's to read "preordained", unafraid to a venture new. Coconut queen of tribal moves, baby flower of romantic brew. O' indeed I needeth thee, just come closer and be, as one we art. We shalt giggle in streams wherein the night is nought, love can't be bought, nor sold in form, love is god, god is love; with one another, we shalt overcome. Seraph's, cherub's, and messenger's surround us. For we art preordained, O' with thee I'm verily blessed. O' with thee Jane mine love, I've been given the best.

© Earl Jane - Brandon Collaborations
♥ Lovers Incorporated
Its been like more than a month since I have written any poem for my king.  I have just been so busy being a 5th year engineering now. And my structural designs subjects are killing me a lot,... My goodness...

I am so happy to make another duo poem with my love. The italics are mine (as you know its so ******) the bold ones are from my king.. He always write soo amazingly... I love you sooo much. I want you to know that I really love you sooo mucchhh... And you are such a big blessing to me..!! I am soo blessed to have you... I love you a lootttt. . I really appreciate all of your efforts, all you do for me are amazingg .. And i thank God for giving you to me my chosen one, my soulmate my preordained one .. You are all to me.. And i only want and need you alone. I love you mmoossstt.. Happy 11 months + infinity ... I love you ssoo doo muchhh!! Meee mmoossstt!!!!
ryn Apr 2016
You could...

Let the universe decide...
If it has
space for you.

Let life decide...
If it has a
future for you.

Let God decide...
If He has
amnesty for you.

Or you could...

Let yourself decide...
To fight for a
where there's always a
blessed with opportunities
to seek
brandon nagley Mar 2016
Some swain art twain
Though we art sole;
Some liveth on sand,
Ourn foundation's

Some swain art lost
To temporal sight;
Though ourn birth's
Were matched, to
Meeteth in light.

Burst's that trickled,
Out from divinity,
Christ's foreordained-
Eachother to greet.

Strap's upon toes
Dirt to ourn feet;
Off the planet-
démodé; to
Those who
Hath gold
For safe

Remote from another,
By the blue polluted
Welkin; thus one day
We knoweth, ourn
Pinion's shalt be
As falcon's.

Splitting general edicts,
Trusting in God's rule;
Dying to the globe-
Blithe and mellow

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
Swain- young lover.
Twain- meaning two- in archaic tongue.
3rd form of sole- meaning one and only...
Derma- skin.
Hath- have..... Archaic way of saying it
démodé- out of fashion....
Welkin- the sky or heavens...
Thus- .as a result of this.
Pinions- the outer part of a bird's wing including the flight feathers.....
Edicts- or edict-an official order or proclamation issued by a person in authority( men's law,not Gods)
Blithe- happy joyous
brandon nagley Mar 2016

Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, enlighten me and Jane's way,
For the juncture through the gunchern
Is wailing, therein the opening of the seal's
Art displaying their stage.


O' cornerstone, which the builder's hath refused, I beseech thee, and thy protection, sendeth me and jane thy perfect correction;
Fixing ourn sight's on thee.


O' heavenly dayspring, we seeith the harbinger's of the time's, in the great high blue, underneath the crumbling glue, of planet earth's loam confine.


O' door to everlasting life, showeth thine light betwixt me and Jane's life. Helpeth us to showeth other's what's right; in the midst of this global panic. Helpeth us to show thou art the one and only way, the path narrow, not broad, the road to Paradise wherein prophecies art coming reality, from the word's of thine father God.


O' king of king's, and Lord of lord's, mayest thou maketh a way for me and mine lass, showeth Jane we hath a bigger purpose. Not just to love eachother, but to showeth Thine amour to one another, to Christian sister's and brother's, and those with no vision, and with none hope. Worketh through us, to be thine cloud's that float- to sprinkle promise; to those without.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry \prophetic poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
Yeshua Ha'Mashiach - is the name Jesus would have been called by in Hebrew and Aramaic tongue. Meaning ( Jesus the anointed one, or Jesus the Messiah.)
Gunchern- is a word I created meaning ( broken firmaments, or broken sky's.
Juncture means- a particular point in events or time....
Seals meaning - seven seals of the bible.- The Seven Seals is a phrase in the Book of Revelation that refers to seven symbolic seals that secure the book or scroll, that John of Patmos saw in his Revelation of Jesus Christ. The opening of the 7 Seals of the Apocalyptic document occurs in Revelation Chapters 5-8 and marks the Second Coming... Also there are seven trumpets as well.
Therein- in that place.
Cornerstone- meaning : (Psalm 118:22) The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. The cornerstone is Christ who the ancients refused... and others still refuse today. Yet he is the cornerstone not just of the church. But of all....the one who offers salvation. The one WHO IS the only way to salvation... For as our word sais. ( there is none other name under heaven by which men MUST be saved.)
Dayspring means - (Luke 1:78) Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us,... ( meaning jesus that came to die for our sins.
Loam- a fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus.....
Harbingers- forerunner of something, warnings, signs.
As Johnathan Cahn explains about our coming financial collapse that leads back all way to ancient isreal in his book the shemitah also found all over YouTube as wallstreet knows it's meaning and has a while every time shemitah date was on, financial collapse has came over the last 100 years either on the shemitah date. Or months after every time!!!!! As their is coming great economic collapse worldwide... This has gone back to time of the ancient Jews who defied God by building tower of babble.. Jonathan Cahn spoke of the ( nine harbingers that already occurred in America since 9/11... Matching everything the ancient Jews did when they built tower of babble. Note; Johnathan Cahn is Jewish though is a convert to Christianity a prophet Id call him of today's age speaking of christs truths. And how ancient Israel is being played out in America 100 percent. For any Christians suggest you watch Jonathan cahns( the shemitah ) and if can find him on youtube with shemitah in cbn show. He shows what america did just as ancient jews did....showing coming collapse. as If you look around the globe you'll see the world is collapsing money wise... And it will collapse and be apocalyptic!!! As wall Street bankers are saying and all over the globe economists are saying SELLNOW because they knows what's coming .. Shutdown of the world's economies leading into new world order and an Antichrist to take over ( bringing in martial law as all are seeing being practiced in their streets by police in military gear.. As dhs just bought 1.6 billon rounds of hollowpoint tip bullets ( for a reason) as USA gvt just bought 50,000 guillotines. 30,000 in Georgia. 20,000 more all over USA military bases as soldiers are letting that outta the bag... Before calling me crazy look it up... News is out there... As there are thousands of coffin liners stacked in Georgia!! Pics all over web and news well known long time let out... This is what's coming this is what matches revelation of an Antichrist beheading many during new world order ... Stated revelation 13 mark of beast... And the ten king meaning what united nations already has set up. Ten kings are gonna be ten division world when new world order hits. As USA Mexico and Canada will be one nation. Big reason the walls don't matter anymore for protection. There is no protection. Elite want a one world order with a one world religion... What false messiah Pope's been pushing to whole world bringing all religions as one... As pope Francis was predicted by two Malachi's to be last 113th pope. As signs of what he sais and does shows he is contrary to gods word 100 percent!!! As same day pope was elected an asteroid the size of the empire state building passed. live on CNN. Sign from heavens... Also another asteroid hit in Russia same day causing damage. as pope was elected March 13 2013. All thirteen as you know anything about 13 always been a bad number spiritually and biblically. Showing another sign.... With ten division world coming during Antichrist and false prophets reign together.... Ten nations . look up united nations ten division world  map already created and ready to come to play. Look up online YouTube why Obama just bought a 4.9 million dollar mansion in UAE. In Dubai. And( 7 year tribulation) when many won't accept the mark of the beast... Antichrist mark.. Already created Obama's new healthcare Law... It's called RFID chip. Will have all your health information on it... Also money info... And you won't be able to buy or sell If left here during tribulation. Unless having that mark. One issue. If you take this mark of the beast ( Antichrist) you will be branded Satans own in other words for taking that mark... This is reality... Already implemented in baracks own healthcare bill. As bilderbergs ( secret society) real group well known... Member Henry Kissinger one of many... Said by year 2017. They want all humans chipped. as bible sais in the right hand or forehead. Already being used... Soildiers have it in their arms... To scan at stores... Monkeys are being subject to experiments of the forehead chips being practiced on in labs... This is not underground no more!!! This is reality.... And in wanting what's coming... What John the Revelationist said years ago.. And prophets before him... And Christ spoke. I'm just relaying their message what's happening in your world now and what's coming... Awake... Awake to truth. Open thy eyes.... Don't be blind anymore....find Christ!!! Find him many I know won't like this poem because either not their style that's fine. Or because they call us Christians ( nuts, Wacko) lol though every prophecy spoken of is happening now!!! Right before thy eyes!!!! And many are being deceived by the world. And things of it!!! Though prophecies already came true. And still are and more is coming!!! More bad!! Every religion main ones believe their messiah is going to show between 2012-2016... Every religion but Christians .. This isn't a messiah coming... It's an Antichrist!!! The son  of perdition the false one...I suggest for you Christians learn what's happening... Look up RFID chip by 2017. Look up Johnathan cahns the shemitah!! Look up Tom horns ( zenith 2016) part one and 2 he speaks on who masons really are... And what their goal was all from beginning... And what mayans really said about 2012... Not that there would be end of world. But a new and last cycle occurring starting 2012. As internet liked to spread to many rumors during that time... Plz look this stuff up. Factual stuff....see what syria war really is about... How all gameplayers in bible are set up in Syria now. For bigger coming war.. Check out which shows why USA is in Syria and why? Not for isis!!! Find out facts!!!

Look up RFID chip by 2017 all over internet and YouTube. Social media.
Look up house bill HR3200 for RFID chip.
Look up NBC news even telling you in broadcast for news. Americans being chipped by 2017. Look uop bilderbergs telling you SAYING 2017 they WANT all chipped.
Look of Barack Obama buying house in united Arab Emirates. UAE. In Dubai worth 4.9 million dollars.. Which btw is legal to do as president you can't buy a home overseas as a president..
Look up Barack Obama Antichrist facts all over web.
Look up last pope Francis ( false prophet) church deciever said by saint Malachi over 500-800 yrs ago. Last 113th black Jesuit pope. Black dont mean skin.and Francis is first and only Jesuit pope as predicted. Also said by father Malachi a priest who said same thing of Francis.
Look up Muslims by thousands having visions of Jesus Christ right now all over middle East in HIGH numbers.... Christ is telling all who he loves equally in middle East through visions\ dreams to Muslim people to ( come to him he is the way truth and life) biggest reason Muslims are converting right now to Christ. Look that up online. As mainstream news don't tell what's happening because their run by six major elite corporations. Six elite men running your mainstream news and media. As Rockefeller owns Washington post. New York times. CNN, fox news, msnbc, mainstream news he works through. One who pushes for new order. Through council of foreign relations. Trilateral trade commission... So on. Just like the rothchilds own fifty percent of worlds money... Their worth 500 trillion meaning rothchilds worth!!! Running world with Rockefellers, and bilderbergs 500 richest families in world... Also look up skull and bones society as George Bush SR and his son and **** cheney and John Kerry all were in that secret elite society in Yale started in 1832. Well known group....
Look up near death experiences all seeing Christ... And his father God on a REAL THRONE!! In A REAL THRONE ROOM... As bible said Christ is always on right hand of his father...children by dozens seeing JESUS also called real name ( Yeshua) in gods throne room and in heaven period. And seeing angels by massive numbers... Suggest you look up ( heaven is for real, with colton burpo who died left his body in appendix rupture at hospital. He told his dad what his dad was doing while colton was in surgery. Seeing his dad way across hospital yelling at God! His dad being a pastor. Colton saw christ in heaven. Also seeing his sister in heaven who came up and hugged him. A sister he never knew about *** she had died prematurely in coltons mothers womb at Birth. As he told his mother as she asked him what was your sisters name you saw??? Colton said " mum you didint name her yet, she told me so.." As mother was stunned *** parents never named his unborn sister!!!! Colton met who he called "pop" his grandpa who was his dad's dad. Who died long ago. Coltons dad freaked... Colton said yeah dad pop told me how you and him used to shoot guns and work out ijn the field. How would a young boy five know this? Actually around four of age .. *** I was REAL!!!! Coltons dad them asked colton, ' son what did POP look like" colton saw pic of pop when pop the grandpa was older... Colton told his dad.  That's not pop. Then coltons dad showed colton younger pic of pop with no glasses!!! Colton said YA DAD that's POP!!! As everyone who dies and comes back say were all usually around age of thirties early to mid thirties!!! Ironically *** I think we're seen like that up there do to Christ died 33 years of age .  mine own guess and makes sense...not to old not so young.. As many are seen all ages there... As well but also many describe around thirties... Alot!!! Colton describes like all do, the singing angels who thousands sing all at once in gods throneroom!! Which every story I've watched or read all say the angels singing is beyond mind blowing... One man put it in a heard more match him. He said imagine all the world's radios turned on all at once..all the most beautiful tunes turned on at once. To us humans we wouldn't be able to understand all songs at once. And couldn't comprehend all lyrics at once from all songs... He said but up in heaven. A thousand songs even angels can sing at once ( which btw are all happy songs, no sad singing there. Complete peace. No fear. Pure love and joy as bible speaks of. All tears would be dry there, and no guilt. And no remembering past sins.  Or wrongs from you or others..) Anyways angels sing a thousand songs at once. Though YOU can comprehend each song and all lyrics to each song... Because the soul is no limited as body is.. So can do way more!! Someone else stated this, it's like all the earths choirs together. Times infinity. Beautiful beyond words of a humans mind!!! People Seeing a real heaven. Also a real hell. Listen to what they all say Christ sais... ( tell mine people I'm coming SOON) tell others to love another... Tell them I'm COMING SOON!!! As many see angels in death experiences.. I don't like it called ndes when their not near death their dead... Brain-dead and heart for minutes even up to hour... Or more!!! This is reality... The ones who pass and come back don't speak of Muhammed or Buddha!! Or Hindu dieties ( demonic beings) all these false gods... They only speak of Christ... May say oh just made up stuff.. Yeah so made up all these peoples stories collide in same direction. All different in one way or another... Though all same seeing Christ. Weather their Buddhists. Muslims, Christian. Atheist, no God. Not sure of God... Scientifically minded people... All see Christ!! All say same thing... Or match stories with angels.. Hell, heaven!! God!!! See loved ones gone for years whether mum or dad.. Or generations of family waiting for them!!! describing all same thing... Heaven and hell are A THOUSAND TIMES more REAL!! WITH SIGHT, TOUCH. SMELL. TASTE. FEEL. JOY IN HEAVEN! Pain in hell .... All senses you are billion times more real because your in real form soul. Not limited body!!!! This is reality!!! Pay attn to what all say... This isn't made up comedy!!! This is reality!!!! Even those who deny God their whole life... If you notice while on their death bed... INSTINCTIVELY KNOW there's a God. Because they cry out for God alot to save them. Though I thought they were atheist? And agnostic?? This is truth!!! Find Christ ¡!! I won't be politically correct!!! I won't hide truth!!! I love all beings... And want all beings to see Jesus Christ ( Yeshua Ha'Mashiach) is the way truth and life...and no man comes to the father God.( but by him)).... Pray you find Christ and find him soon...because alot is coming to planet earth... And many will be deceived. Scared... Not knowing who to turn to. Turn to Christ now... While there's still hope and time... Bible said anyone who calls on the name of the Lord, shall be saved... We must believe Christ died on the cross... Rose again the third day. Was born of a ****** màry... We must believe Christ is who he said he is.. As proof now shows by the buckets archeology wise.. Physically wise.. scientific wise... All facts show... We must believe it's by gods grace we are saved.. Not by our works that any man should boast the bible teaches... But by Christ dying on the cross for our sins.. We have a chance to come to christ for salvation. Because gods mercy and gift and grace to us. Through his son Jesus... Want to accept Christ? Or know more of him??? Inbox me... Because the time is short... The world knows it... every religion knows it worldwide.. Jews know it. Muslims know it... Everyone!!! This is reality!!! I pray you make the right decision today... If wanna find salvation in Christ and trust him as Lord and Savior look up online prayer of salvation and what to pray... And you must believe Christ is your Savior... Born of a ******. A sinless son of God who took on flesh form . died on the cross... Which nails of his are in museum in Israel found in priest who killed Jesus Caiaphas tomb. The crosses of Christ the murderer and the thief three crosses were found during Helena( ceasars) mother. During her hunt for the cross of Christ and the two next to hims crosses. written down she did find those crosses... That's where she built over a pagan place a church of christ which is known as chapel of St Helena in Jerusalem which is built in the lower level of Church of the Holy Sepulcher.... This is reality friends!!! So much facts I could give you it's mind boggling!!! I've studied prophecy for over 12-13 years... Biblical prophecy, as other religions prophecy to match to gods word in bible... And it's all coming true... It's all happening at an alarming rate!!! Christ spoke of the wars and rumors of wars!!! Just click the tv on... See that happening. Bible spoke of syria happening now one of many things before christs calling of his people ( rapture) and his return second time to earth.
A Prophecy Against Damascus in Isaiah...
17 A prophecy against Damascus:

“See, Damascus will no longer be a city
    but will become a heap of ruins.

Syria is in ruins and is
brandon nagley Jan 2016
In the Monolithic municipalities,
We shalt wander betwixt the
megalithic glyph's; bairn's of
somandric design, extra-
terrestrial's of wild blue
Yonder rhyme, sealed
By a kiss. Verily, verily,
Twas heaven's wish.
For me and mine
Jane, to jump

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( Filipino rose) dedicated
Monolithic means- large or powerful.
Betwixt is archaic for between.
Megalithic- of, relating to, or denoting prehistoric monuments made of or containing megaliths.
of, relating to, or denoting prehistoric cultures characterized by the ******* of megalithic monuments.
Glyph's - a hieroglyphic character or symbol; a pictograph, like in Egypt.
Bairns- meaning children, young ones..
Somandric- means pertaining to the human body, human form..
Wild blue yonder.. Means when the sky views the sunlight.
Earl Jane Jan 2016

The heaven open it's window,
An angel descended slowly with glory,
It's  luminescence struck me,
I could hardly see his visage for it's radiance shine in it's utmost state,
He landed upon me with his palms on my shoulder,
Then he enfold me tightly as my shoulders dampen,
His tears gush through his eyes,
As a sudden bright light shine extremely to his whole body,
It's too enormous that I fell on my knees with my eyes close,
The light gradually disappear after awhile,
I opened my eyes and there right in front of me,
The angel disappear but an ethereal being stood by,
He looks so perfect and as he start talking,
It mend my lacerations, it calms my soul,
He said God sends him, to be here for me, to protect me,
To make me happy and to forever love me,
As those words penetrated to my soul,
My tears fell down,
My elation extended widely throughout the universes,
I am beyond happy,
Days are brightest when he came,
All excruciation are easy to carry for he is there always, all the way,
He is my happiness, my best friend, my peace and comfort,
My all.
I lifted my thanks & praises daily to God,
For he had given me the one preordained for me

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
for Brandon <3 <3

Long time i have not written any poem, i was just busy with exams, also doing calligraphy and now i am doing zentangle and i really love it,,,,

sorry brandon not really that beautiful!! i love you a lot!! <3 <3
brandon nagley Dec 2015

Amiss was I, in mine earthly vessel,
Agin the igneous chasm. Bane being's,
Inside of this thing were gruesome,
baleful, their laughter caused spasm's.


Amongst the hideous unholy creature's,
Bursted in, from on high, in majestic features;
A native speaker, a distant teacher, an angelic
Waker of love's soft due. She took me up whilst
She pulled me through;


I held her plumage, we held close tight,
Never thinking hadst I met this queen, though
We held close all night, all was right. At once tis
I was home, into her arm's, her embracing charm.
Hadst I met this empress before? Asked mine sinful soul.


Passing through a tunnel, going many miles a speed,
Mine blood dried, mine tears now fine, she saidst we must
Proceed; "O' how I thanketh thee queen, for rescuing me,
From that hellish pit in slime, in grime, dirt and ****. As
didst I sit; as I whispered to her "I thanketh thee so much".


At the end of the tunnel, I couldst see the brightest white,
It flooded me in amare, none heartbreak was there, just happiness-none to compare, wherein all made human reasoning dive deeper in their psyches; though tis this is what's real, mountain's that overtower the field's of rosebud bliss, I entered on in- the entryway of paradise, with Jane's kiss.


Seraphim sang a million songs, I couldst seeith loved one's, I couldst view mine old cat and dog; whilst tis this place hath none need for a moon or the sun, God lit this divinity; tis a wonderful reality of what mankind pushed away, or tis what many blind themselves from, ignorant and dumbed, by man's philosophy.


Mine amour' cameth back into sight, I asked her the question that was in mine mind during ourn flight; " queen Jane, I hadst asked, I kneweth thee mine love, long ago mine lass, verily I kneweth that tiara atop thine head, verily we were lover's in ourn spirit form before earth, yea mine love? Jane replied with a smiling look, "verily, verily, we art in God's book's, we were afore spirit lover's from ancient time's hook's, we were predestined to meet once again, the Lord sent me to thee Brandon, mine king, soulmate-best friend".


After she verified what I kneweth, the pain and anguish lifted off of mine shoulders, once a sinner now renewed, mine eye's stared into her's, I felt the affection between us two. Finally; me and her met again, mine all whom I looked for back on the globe, mine soulmate-mine soul; I felt joy for the first time since birth. I was elated, ive waited a long time, to be freed from death's curse. Mine longing and mine wanting of thee mine lass, finally hadst come; praiseth ourn God, for sending thee mine chosen one.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( Filipino rose) dedication
Amiss means out of place....
Agin means next to or against.
Bane means pretty much horrible or not good.
plumage is a collection of wings.
Afore means before
brandon nagley Oct 2015
She knoweth what I'm going to sayest
Before I sayest it;

She understandeth mine heart and pain
Before mine blood displayeth it;

She layeth me to sleep
When I get sleepy;

She layeth her head virtually upon mine chest
When I'm in weeping;

She Whisper's she loveth me
Before I canst speaketh it back;

When I'm on the wrong road, losing direction to mine soul,
Her and God get me back on track;

When I feeleth lonesome
She filleth up that lonesomeness;

When the anguish get's noisome
She giveth me her all, her best.

Earl Jane nagley is mine soulmate
Tis I'm more than blessed;

We art both preordained, from the beginning, eternal flame's
We art life, life is us, we art soulmates.

We art soulmates!!!

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedication ( Filipino rose) soulmate of mine
©Hari and Reyna incorporated
Earl Jane Sep 2015

I love you so much,
I am happiest with you,
My soulmate, My King.

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3

Our first monthsary was Sept.9, we have different time now, mine is Sept. 10 morning now and to him is Sept.9 night. But even though we are just 1 month, I felt like I have known him forever. And with that I do believe we are really preordained. Oh how i love him a lot!!! I wrote so many like a letter form but I am just so busy with exams and have not finish it... I am already so stressed with my mathematics, but I am doing my super best to make time for him. Just even have 2 hours sleep now and that we talk early morning at 1:00am my time onwards.. I am so glad to talk to him. I really love him so much. I might not write a lot of poems for him, but I do chat him lots and make time for him even with my busy life as engineering student. I am most blessed to have him. I love him sooo much, my king, my soulmate, my all, my husband. ayeheeeee <3 ME MOOOSTTTT KING!! ME MOOSSTT!!
Earl Jane Aug 2015

It's true my life change,
Since the time you enfold me,
With your love I yearn,
You're the sun that gleam me up,
My ornament stars at night.

This love is so rare,
Rancor eliminated,
My silver lining,
Beatitude ascertain,
Into your tender warm arms.

Hundreds and thousands,
Butterflies in my stomach,
Just this direct look,
In your aesthetic eyes,
Sent me straight to paradise.

We gaily unleash,
Our long imprisoned echt love,
And our hearts so chuffed,
With this invincible love,
Binds us with peace and surety.

This soul dance in joy,
As I finally found you,
My cherished soulmate,
I am truly so convinced,
God preordained you and me.

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3

I did try my best in this one, long time I have not written my favorite TANKA, heheeee.... Hope you love this.. :) :)

A TANKA is a 57577 poem for those who don't know :)

— The End —