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Tee Morris Mar 2019
When I see you my face goes all shades of pink

When I dream of you my heart feels sweet

Your hugs make me unable to think

Your kisses are by far my favourite treat

I get a sugar high when I'm with you

When I taste you I go loopy

Your lips put me in all sorts of moods

When you kiss me my knees go weak and my body goes droopy
Tee Morris Mar 2019
You stole my heart
My adolescence too
Me, you, and lost boys march
We aren't scared of a crew

You sprinkled me with Pixi-Dust
And you saved me from growing older
You took me to Neverland
You flew me as I held onto your shoulders

Tinkerbelle and her Pixi-Dust
The captain and his hook
He kidnapped us and Tinkerbelle
But you saved us and we shall forever sail

The lost boy's imagination
Smiling is our declaration
For we are warriors
And you're my Peter Pan
~ Peter Pan is my saviour ~
Tee Morris Feb 2019
Only four walls
They all drown me inside
The fear of no escape
My head begins to break

The walls trap my thoughts inside
I'm completely unable to hide
My anxiety strangles me
What if my claustrophobia finds me?

My legs begin to tremble as I'm stuck in this space
My heart begins to pound as my eyes see the crowd
I wish I could run but I can't find an escape
Now my fears holding me hostage with tape

I can't seem to move
I've become paralysed
My body starts to shake
My eyes see weird shapes

I'm trembling with fear
I feel my cheek wet with tears
Now I'm laying on the floor
My claustrophobia found me with it's claws
- I'm not the biggest fan of this but it's 1am and I'm unable to sleep -
Tee Morris Feb 2019
If I got lost in my labyrinth of a mind,
Would you find me and greet me with a smile?
Would you miss me if I ran away?
Would you realise I left you in the yesterday?
If I lost this battle I'm fighting with myself,
Would you keep my family strong, and focus on your mental health?
You make me happy,
I rarely frown,
You keep my head high,
You gave me a crown,
I can barely feel the sadness,
Thank you for helping me out of the Labyrinth
- Written for my boyfriend -
Tee Morris Feb 2019
I've tried to change back to my good old ways
When I was a kid and I wasn't a slave
A time my mind wasn't a desert and I wasn't alone
A time my existence didn't depend on a phone
I wish I could go back, Maybe a century
Maybe then I'd be seen as a masterpiece
But I'm stuck in the present, I'm just a puppet
The 21st century is holding me hostage
These days make you feel alone
These days are all run by phones
No one has any individuality
We're all the same
The world is brutality
Technology has ruined all our lives
All that matters is perfecting your smile
Make sure you don't get brainwashed
Your life will be ruined
We're all just puppets
Our meanings all controlled
I'm all alone
My existence has been crushed by a phone
Tee Morris Feb 2019
⚠️trigger warning

I wanna put a bullet to my head
My fingertips loosing grip to my life like thread
I feel so down yet I can't help but bottle it up
When I'm sad nothing changes I just wanna cut
I can't seem to escape the feeling of being a disgrace
But it's not my fault, my demons ar hard to face
It's safe to say I have seretonin deficiency
My happiness is clearly in the history
I just wanna die
I miss the way I used to feel
When I didn't hate myself after every meal
Everyone wants me alive
Why won't you just let me die?
⚠️trigger warning
Andrew Fisher Jun 2015
They say its Just for ***** and giggles.

For my Friends and Family,
they won't know the pain,
of waking up and dying every day
Wishing that you could just feel the same
as you did back in 5th grade,
with that smile on your face.

Now you just sit feeling like a disgrace
Needing, wanting, craving the fade away,
In the depths of your emotions,
of the simple,
the everyday

"We love you" you'll hear them say
All you want is for them to just stay away
Leave me alone till I turn grey
So I can grow lonely,
And sad
and decay


We should fight.
Fight for today,
So tomorrow I can gaze upon your face and well say:

****. How did we do that. How did we come this way?

Was it fate, that here we lay next to one another, as the sunlight fades.
Its life again, Im feeling brave
But your gone again, fore here Ill stay
A patient puppy waiting for the rain to go away
and the curtains to rise and reveal your open arms for me once more.

Wait. Please stay, there is no chance for me to go that way!
Please wait, Stay,
Ive already had enough of change,
If I desire anything its that you change the words you say.

But I love you. and Here Ill stay,
patiently awaiting our reunion days.
If I must Ill fade away,
So I can save you the happiness
of my lost days
I decided to take a jab at writing again, I've been depressed for a long time and I guess Im just trying to see what I can say about it.

— The End —