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Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
Just because I'm not like you - doesn't make me strange
I may be wired differently but definitely not deranged
I am a glow worm emitting a light when I'm at my best
But for that to come into sight I need my antisocial rest
I blend in like a chameleon when I'm in a crowd
But feel a reckless need to leave when the voices get too loud
Makes me feel like an addict in need of narcotics
Though I'm perfectly normal I get looked upon as psychotic
Just because I'm not like you - doesn't make me strange
I am a normal human being - definitely not insane
I connect with people that are non judgemental
Their place in my life is definitely instrumental
If I don't like you - you'd be sure to know
Coz I ain't the type to put on a show
We all have different personalities. We should accept it instead of making judgments about a person
Akshi Hargoon Feb 22
"Would you burn for me?" said the Candle to the Flame
Sometimes we burn ourselves for others
Ethiiochick Nov 2015
Let your courageous smile save me and your heavenly eyes guide me, for I am lost in a spiral of conflicting thoughts…

I can no longer be at fear for you have dismantled many hopeless thoughts...
Ethiiochick Oct 2015
Have your precious words bow down to my needs, were they can justify these undescribable feelings, you inflicted heavily upon me.
I need your words to purify this unjustified burden of the ever lasting beloved love.

Cleanse me with your beauty, for love could never speak the way you preach your angelic melodies.
I want you, to invest your hands deeply onto my hips and let your words be the music to my ears, while we slowly dance our fears away.

Your lustful voice reignites our love where it teaches us to overcome their false sincerity, were we classify as lovers of love.
You dominate me with your compelling eyes, ****** me with your trustworthy smile, and now I'm forevermore bound to this love of ours.

Only you could,
stimulate me with your charm,
interests me with your smile,
enchant me with your lips
hurt me with your kindness.
I only yearn, it all be from you.

Can you give me the power to defeat these troublous wishes and commends?

Take what you need from this...

— The End —