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abs Aug 2020
you feel the strong desert wind
pushing and pulling and pushing and pulling
you feel the harsh sun's rays
shining and shining

then comes the raging storm
never dulling
incapable of lulling you to sleep

bright swirls dance before your eyes
you thought it was a joke when they
called you "the whole circus"
but now you know the truth

you feel the same chaos
of a circus in your brain-
swirling, twirling, crazy and never lazy-
the images fill your mind's dreams
not a meme lol sorry
abs Aug 2020
i know you're upset with me, but i see no other way

i don't love you

i'm sorry for the deceit but my mind tricked me too because

i lost you )):
abs Feb 2020
I've had a dream -
a small dream, but a
dream nonetheless
to have an outlet of
my heart's desires

I saved and saved
and thought and bought
and worked hard for
my heart's desires.

A building was sought
and bought and decorated.
My heart smiled triumphantly:
"Now open"
  Feb 2019 abs
it’s the silence.

           the quiet.

the stillness of the atmosphere.
the silent buzzing,
ringing sound in your ears.


           everything in
           that screams:

the whispers of your past,

the calmness of now,

the mystery of your


listen to the quiet as it scream words

your ears cannot hear,

           but your heart
           and mind could
abs Nov 2018
trigger warning: do not read if you have depression.*

hot showers are always the best
when you're sad and depressed
what's the point in
staying in this joint
living your sorrows over and over
there might not be another tomorrow
black and blue
pink scars too
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