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Jun 2017
This appetite for you is insatiable
The piquant taboo of being together
I cannot explain why I feel this
Mindful opulent sentience
The drive of forbidden desires
On lonely street each day.
There is a light of ferocity
There in your anxious eyes
There’s a lull in the air.
You want to close off
How you feel in your heart
But, my love
There’s no need for your despair

There’s not a minute, hour, day or night
I don’t think of or feel you inside
Even if I shouldn’t be with you
There is a sense I could be
As undoubtedly
It seems to justify why
Being one is more than a feeling
Shouldn't we be alone this way?
I learn more about myself
I am so lost without you
You raise me up
Whenever I fall
You support me in all certainty

It’s hard to explain this connection
The reasons why we can’t turn away
We are in too deep to let it go
We have to dance through the fears.
The comfortable feeling of our life
Distracting by its security.
We found something that is real
The one thing worth taking a chance on
These dreams are not fleeting impulses
They are our guide to what we should do.
I need you because I love you
The music in our hearts will play
Today, tonight, forever and always
Written by
colzzmacdonald  M/UK
   Ryan Holden
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