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Planejane2 Apr 2019
Why do I have no boundaries?
Why do you always double time, triple cross me?
Why do I draw a line in the sand for you to curse the waves to erase it.
Even though there’s no need, because you would’ve overstepped it.
You sense my need to keep the peace, so I shush at the tide.
But you hopped on it and rode it, until you were very well settled over me before returning to the sea.
I’m scared of drowning but I don’t budge, so I’m still at bay.
But you prey for the sand to come and bury me away.
I’m scared of sinking but I don’t budge so I’m like a stick in the quicksand.
Suffocating, strangled. Nothing left but a stick in my hand.
Anderson M Mar 2015
True eternal Greatness
From a fountain
Of abject humility.
Eminence,distinction near look a likes
of the phenomenon that's greatness
a phenomenon that quite distinctly
escapes distinct definite placing.
guess it does a lot of "face saving"
Meg B Feb 2015
Sometimes I worry
that I will always be

Oh, hey,
aren't I
and talking
like an old maid.

But you know what,
**** whoever
decided that just
because you're young,
loneliness isn't a concern,
and just because you
have time ahead of you
doesn't mean
living without love isn't

Every man,
if you can even call them that,
that peaks my interest
finds a reason to say,
it's not you, it's me,
but at this point,
as I watch everyone around me
settle down and
find someone,
I can't help but wonder if
it's not them, it's me.

I try to think about
what I look like on paper.
I am the first to
admit my flaws.
I'm not the skinniest,
I'm not the funniest,
I'm not the coolest,
I talk too much,
I involve myself too often
and too deeply
in others,
I am overly sensitive,
I have never been popular,
and I'm sure
I could name at least
50 other things someone would
find less-than-favorable.
But then I try to remember that
I am ambitious,
I am bright,
I am kind,
I am empathetic,
I am family-oriented;
I have a lot of hobbies,
I can always hold a conversation,
and I've been told
I'm pretty
at least on an
occasion or two.

I'm not all good,
but I'm not all bad.
And I think, as
cheesy as it sounds,
that everyone is entitled to
So I can't help but wonder
what I'm putting into the
what I'm lacking,
what more I need to do
before someone can love me;
****, even just staying
interested for more than
a couple weeks,
even that would suffice.

This isn't some self-deprecating,
some depressing
ode of a sad single girl.
It's just a series of words
to question
and where
and how
and when
I will find love,
why I'm
still lacking,
who I'm waiting for.

is there for
this loneliness,
for these years I've spent
for even the years prior
where the "love" I felt
was so wrong
and destructive?

Is it me?


*Is it them?
Anastasia Webb May 2014
Give me your inspiration.
Come on, you have enough already.
This isn’t fair, I protest;
how is it that you can create
a dozen pretty iced-cupcake poems
a day and I can’t?

Honestly –
sharing is caring.
I don’t want it all,
just a little bit.
A tenth will suffice.
It won’t take much from you,
I swear! you’ll still be writing
ten-point-eight cupcakes
a day.
Now would that be so bad?

No? Well, then.
Be like that.
It’s not like
I need inspiration …

— The End —