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PoserPersona Jun 2018
Black and white country
Novel youths hitchhike state sites
Kodak Kodachrome
Digital photos
Novel youths hitchhike websites
Black and white country
19 | 31 Poems for August 2016

These ideas of nightmares I usually have when the night stares.
I know that I unintentionally pushed you away several times that day.
But listen to me, regardless of what happened I still need you to stay.
I’m trying to make more memories but my Kodak has run out of film.
Maybe I should buy a Canon and digitally capture these moments for forever.
You’ve got hyperhidrosis but don’t sweat the small stuff” is something I imagine you to say.
The future is uncertain and things inevitably change but I’d love for you to stay.
I could try to act all tough and conceal my fears but I’m as scared as you are.
Back when this connection was ignited, we never thought that we would end up this far.
Simon Obirek Jun 2015
dozens of lamps on a string, flashing
bass and **** yous hurling in the air
fifty applications out, no cashing
cold apartments and lots of life's not fair
lotta pills in my veins, teeth gnashing
at this point, i just don't care
brother comes out, plates smashing
parents won't share a prayer
walked outside one night, two guys dashing
bones cracking and small tears and a big tear
eviction, no help, no compassion
just another Kodak moment
**Say "Cheese".
Marley Jane Jun 2014
It is something I appreciate most
Toodlers feeling grass on their **** feet
Ice cream dripping
People of all kinds  
Bilingualism always caught my attention

Caution ...
Its all so precious
Lets take a kodak
For we do not know when we will share something so rare again
Grass as green as the algae on the deepest side of the sea
Sun so harsh as the truth we all hiding
And the closeness of the secrets that hold us together

My second most valued possession
In my hands
There it waited
To capture something so rare
Exactly so I could look back
recall every detail as is
Because it is a Beautiful Life ♥
Life is an amazing inception .......

— The End —