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King Tutankhamun Sep 2016
Ya oakland lets gather all the black men
And load em up with guns and ammunition spittin'
Nothing but hundred round clips
Plus extra
Open up the scriptures
To crack the pressure
Break textures
Through the necks of fake messiah
Spittin' flows hotter than a california fire
I am hip hops sire
Even made the devil retire
Punishment and sin goes together
Like birds flock together
In stormy weather we can endeavor
Much more than an overcome
Mlk had a dream
But then got murdered son
In cold blood souls stuck in mud
They say im holding a grudge
Naw just a ******* to the judge
Cuz the system gotta problem with the people the color of fudge

yea homes I said it before came through the door
starting war making gore
through the white house as I pour
out a blessing
ease their pain
with the bullets testing
nerves they couldn't dodge or curve
my potency or prodigy which be deadly
gotta proteges
that be my lil babies
gotta teach my sons
how to be a man
hold them nuts
without use of their hands
crazy come as crazy goes
I go for the jugular cut throat quick with the knife as I smote
my own justice
**** the police
and they can quote this yea I wrote this
maybe get a sentence from this
but ill get dismissed
uh got my apes to guerillas getting hella illa
turn bodies ice ice baby like vanilla
born a cap peela
on the for reala
got a pile of dollaz
talking bout scrillaz
uh reach the minds of the minorities
then eradicate the system who holds the authority
as the revolution starts boostin-
let the guns began shooting as souls began to get lootin' uh
Street talk revolutionlife

— The End —