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King Tutankhamun Aug 2017
God bless the soldiers

Yeah God bless the soldiers
That died for nothing
For a punk *** lie
I gotta stay high sendin' a blessin to the sky
All day **** them ******* they gotta pay
I remember like it was yesterday say
Ya words playing vividly in my mind grind
Always we was laughin blastin
Have a good time
Then a bomb took you away
Now I'm stuck with a graphic vision
Of dead homies
Closed casket and a covered flag
I seen the pain in the families
Eyes and cries
Day and night they were demised for nothing
For believin in something
That was told through heresay
**** them but it made me a rebel
Never shook hands with them devils
But I know it gotta be
Somebody watching me
Slaves to times through crimes
Underhand deals sealed and skills
Sold to train muthaphukkaz
To **** us what the ****
Is going on it's all wrong
Read the art of war best enemies is self
Cuz if you don't know ya self
Ya bound to be blasted a tisket a tasket
So many hearts in a casket
I feel yo grief
Wishing you was here every year I shed a tear
I know it ain't no justice
Dog tags hung on the wall
Can't get a piece of the pie
Cuz all them politicians lie
In the belly of the beast see they need to souls to feast
But I broke the chain's strains
Around my brain maintain
Re-Focus the picture
I ain't dying
**** that keep my m 16 to my back
Kevlar rifle boots in memory of you
21 gun salute don't stop the loot
Im still bustin' til they bodies all red
From locals states and feds
God bless the dead soldiers

Since the break of dawn
I'm hearin the same theme song
With the stretchin horns
Battles of scorns cuz they pain is all worn
Reminsicing on the soldiers thats gone
Everybody at attention but my minds locked in submission
Trying to figure out what we fightin about
Even though we ain't got the clout
Them officials go home everyday
While we in the struggle jungle prey
Thrown in a desert ACUs in high
jacked boots
Looking for an adversary to shoot
But they poor as us
And why we put our trust
In to a system that don't like us
We went from fresh to crust
I'm paranoid quick to bust
At a ghost calls is close but it's just the wind gust
Coming over sand storms approaching
Everybody take cover all my soldiers is my brothers
Along with the sister's sorry I missed ya
I know you died too but know there's a hero in you
Yeah sending celebrities offspring of  demons
To entertain thee and take us out of the mental  drain
But I'm still soaked
In my clothes
Thinkin of a master plan
To expose
These ******* I got God on my side
And it's going to be ****** homicide
Yeah I gives a **** how it comes out
Cuz I'm a smart enough to know
That ain't no mercy???
Silence the court once I puff my newport
Ships to port ******* in the urban city
And that have not pity
put soldiers on the frontline
I thought we suppose to keep folks free
But it's the other way arounds
We don't see the truth until
We six feet in the ground
As the world grows colder
God bless the soldiers

To all my soldiers I served you serve for fascist government we are here it's more of us than them we will rise twenty million plus vets n they're scared **** em lets bring the pain
This is for all my brothers and sister's who died in battle this ones for you I'm coming remember me I'm the real General

— The End —