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King Tutankhamun Jan 2017
War is peace
Cause you can't have
One without the other
War has no color
Nor does peace
For when the bloodshed.
Is spread
Who benefits
Only the elite
People who are cowards
Behind power
Keep your conscious
With brainwashing
You with topics
They scared of conscious people
Who are mere prophets
Wake up
Peace Is war
They is always more war
Than there is peace
Look around you
People dying left and right
War is spiritual emotional
Physical and mental
Dint be distracted
By the *******
Watch out and don't be a victim
To the killing fields
So keep it real
I'm a veteran exposed to the evils
Of the United states
Causing massacre
To people I didn't know
And now I hav nothing
To show
But some funky *** dog tags
So whoever brags
Don't understand
They just a pawn in the game
Wake up

— The End —