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janessa ann Sep 2019
You were mine,
and I was yours.
Right from the start,
you stole my heart.
We were never just friends,
and now you want to be just friends?
'Cause I know right from the start,
I stole your heart.
We were never just friends,
how could you want to be just friends?
I had you, until I couldn’t anymore;
over time you pushed me away.
You thought you weren’t good enough for me,
when really I’m not good enough for you;
or maybe we just don’t deserve each other anymore.
‘Cause what we had was bigger than ourselves,
what we had was real;
until you met him.
He stole you from me.
He put you under his spell, with his charm & humor;
and now you’re hooked.
Leaving me behind in the dust,
to pick up the pieces;
from my life that’s fallen apart;
even though I had you first.
Now I’m missing the happier times;
when you were mine;
and I was your’s.
Feeling emotional
Nadia Apr 2019
Hey big sister
I do think of you
And the magical memories
Of the things we would do
When we were young
When the world wasn’t grey
When things were more simple
When we didn’t have to speak to say
I love you to the stars
I love you to the moon
I love you to infinity
But maybe that's too soon
I know you’re out there
And I hope you’re alright
I can’t love you up close
But I’ll love you despite

NCL April 2019
Bartholomew Aug 2018
I feel like Imma side dude
I've never been put in this type of situation
I can't see you when I want to
and it's not because your schedules conflicted
It's because your restricted,
constricted with her suspicions
and it's not fair cuz she always gets to see you; a clear vision
but y’all not together..............

We can't go out together
cuz someone might see us and tell her
but why does that matter?
cuz y’all not together............

I can't come around your family and chill like I want to
and be around more cuz she might come thru.
But y’all not together..........

We can't talk on the phone sometimes and when we do sometimes you click on me
**** sometimes we can't even text and when we do it bothers her so you can't even send emojis.
But y’all not together........

And I swallow my pride because I wanna be with you
but I don't think you understand how I feel
I have super trust issues
And it ***** me up seeing y'all, like is this even real?
But then why am I tripping
if y’all not together......

What if one of my exes stayed with me, play fought, was jus always around me and slept in the same bed.
and I say “it's ok baby me and her, we're not together....”
You can't say it wouldn't mess with your head

And the thing that hurts the most is that I feel like you’re more considerate of her feelings than mine.
You rather not "get in trouble" or upset her and have my feelings in decline.
But y’all not together..

**** hurts. This Love hurts.
Y’all not together but in proximity are always close
We're together apparently but how can together feel so alone?
And the crazy thing about this whole ordeal is that all that hurt that I hide from you alwayz goes away when I see you or when
we're together.

I love you so much
And with all the things I said and how you make me feel.....
It makes me wonder if this is even real,
if you really, genuinely love me too. If you wanna be together
Or are you still in love with her and just not together?
Inspiration: a past love, this is how you made me feel Arielle wherever you are
ICN May 2016
This wasn't the plan.
We were Bonnie and Clyde
It was us against the world.
But back then I was blind,
To all of the complications and obstacles
Did I give you up too easily?
I just wanted what was best for you
You deserve someone better than me
That's why I had to leave
//I am so inexpressibly sorry\\
Mik Josefchuk Jun 2014
Today was a good day
The chords she strummed were pleasant
C, G, F
She plucked my strings gently
Her voice was light
She doesn't miss him
As much as she did

Not so good
She played the song again
And again
"I feel something so wrong
Doing the right thing"
She ripped at my strings
Till her fingers bled
And tears streamed down her face
Her voice was quiet
She missed him
Very much

Today was okay
She played the song
"Everything that kills me
Makes me feel alive"
But just once this time
It was flawless
But she forced a smile as she sang
Like the song meant nothing
It didn't hurt
Her fingertips were healed
There was applause
She whispered
"Thank you"

Today was a good day again
The chords weren't as flawless
As yesterday
She made mistakes
But her voice was strong
"I feel that love
And I feel it burn"
She missed him
More than ever
But he's the reason I stayed
Why I wasn't put away
He mattered because
He's her muse
Her life
The harmony to her melody
And hopefully
He'll know soon
My best friend jokingly told me to write a poem about someone having problems told from their guitar' s POV so I did.
Mik Josefchuk Jun 2014
He has the type of eyes that made diamonds look dull,
Sharper than glass,
Lit by his beautiful lively flame.
Days are different now.
His eyes are no longer alive, but still as blue as the brightest sapphires,
The same color as mine,
But mine hold more gray, more sadness,
His not as often clouded by nostalgia and tears.

His wit is quick, making me grin in my saddest moments,
Admittedly, as sad as they could be with him there.
He was my rock, my guidance, my sentiment, my sanity,
He still is.
As much as he'd hope to disagree.

Discarded is an understatement.
If I had known, I wouldn't have been so angry.
Perhaps, at you.
At myself, the anguish doubled.
Stupid is an understatement.
I should have known,
And I apologize with every ounce in me.
I'd give up all I have to make you see.

His spirit is one of the strongest I've ever seen.
He was willing to take on the world with one hand tied behind his back.
Yet courage could only take a fearful young man so far,
There's so much to see,
But fear is a barrier,
A wall that had contained us both,
For months that felt like years.
We're tearing it down,
Brick by brick,
Progressing to the flawless lovers we once were.

Neither of us were lucky enough to possess the virtue of patience.
The pain tugging at our hearts pulls us together,
But like the opposite sides of a magnet,
We push each other away,
Obeying the laws of physics and common sense.

But no one said we had any sense.

His smile is better than any sunrise,
Better than long walks on beaches,
Or strolls in the Chicago streets.
Not a lick of arrogance,
Just honesty and grace.
When he was actually happy,
He radiated more than the sun.

He is the boy I fell in love with all those long months ago.
And I am still the girl he once knew.
But we are broken now,
With only each other to put ourselves back together.
But I do believe,
We have a chance,
To be who we were,
Take two broken hearts and become one again.

Sometimes, "I love you" just isn't enough.
Keep in mind his name isn't really Xavier.

— The End —