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julie Feb 2019
sing me an aubade
at beginning of aurora
serene and mellifluous
it's like a reverie, a felicity

you soliloquize, so calm
that it could be psithurism
I hear
the beating of your heart,
like the sound of a watch
enwrapped in cotton

a summer's zephyr opens the balcony windows,
so gently
dust particles are dancing
in the morning light
and are slowly falling on the white bedding sheets
do you smell the scent
of our neighbor's citrus trees?
2 hours by car is Venice
and I invite you to stay
in the enchanted and narrow alleys
with me
Jade Hell Dec 2018
When I disappear
everything seems calm
but it’s an apparent calm!
You believe I'm dead
that you've lost me forever ..
but if you look beyond appearance,
you would see an angel in the night
cries black tears and refines the technique,
sharpen the knife to stick it on your head.
Don’t worry
that then the other me so much
he will come and bring you a flower on your grave
and still changing soul,
moving away he will turn laughing
pleased with the crime he committed
because infusion will have returned to you
the evil you did in it!
Jade Hell Nov 2018
Quando sparisco
ti sembra tutto calmo
ma è una calma apparente!
Tu credi io sia morta
che mi hai persa per sempre..
ma se guardassi oltre l’apparenza,
vedresti un angelo che nella notte
piange lacrime nere e raffina la tecnica,
affila il coltello per conficcartelo in testa.
Non preoccuparti
che poi tanto l’altra me
verrà a portarti un fiore sulla tua tomba
e cambiando ancora anima,
allontandosi si volterà ridendo
compiaciuta del delitto che ha commesso
perchè infondo ti avrá restituito addosso
il male che tu le hai fatto dentro!
Climactic Poet Nov 2016
6,521 miles.

"Isn't so bad
When our hearts
are not even a millimeter far"

Those words I uttered
when you hopped on that train.

6,521 miles.

It's unbelievably far.
but I believe in us
more than I believe in distance.

I believed in us.


6,521 miles

felt farther and farther
as days went longer

And no, it wasn't the distance
that stretched before us
It was our love that was too small
It was our patience that was too short
It was our faith that was too little

That failed us.

6,521 miles and...

"I miss you"
"I miss you"
"I miss you"
"Miss you"
"Miss you"
"Miss you"

You miss

You missed.
You missed my birthday.
I missed Christmas
You missed Thanksgiving
I missed the New Year's Eve.
You missed out on our favorite show
I missed out on your big days.

We missed out.
We ****** up.

6,521 miles after...

We're no more.

And now, even when we're inches apart
I feel like you're 6,521 miles away from me.

You still held my hand,
and still said "Goodbye."
And still you kissed my cheek.
And you hopped on the train

6,521 miles...

...wasn't so bad.
Ariel Baptista Jun 2014
I have fallen in love
With the air, the trees
The thinly paved and often cracked roads
And even moreso with those covered in cobblestone.
I have fallen in love with the tanned locals
Old shopkeepers with hats and bifocals
Their calling voices
The natural movement of their hands
The cool sea water
And hot white sands.
I have fallen in love with espresso
And how it feels in my throat
The smell of leather
Taste of gelato
Harbours full of fishing boats
The sound of a vintage vespa
Weaving its way through a crowd
The arguing couple, arguing loud
And this is a country of which to be proud.
I have fallen in love with the architecture
The vast and complex history
The more I learn the more I admit is a mystery.
I have fallen in love with the way the sun shines brighter
The air is fresher
And the fruit is sweeter
The men are bolder
And the books are cheaper.
I have fallen in love with the words they say
And how those words effortlessly roll off their tongues
I breathe in their culture
And try to hold it in my lungs.
Pizza, pesto, cute cafes
Absence of anxiety, holidays
The tourists who view it all through a camera lense
Adventure begins and tension ends.
I have fallen in love with it all
Every flower
Every hue
All those pairs of knock-off sunglasses
I love them too.
Every cloud
Every ray of sunshine
Every drop of ***** riverwater
Every painted line
Every brick
Of every church
On all those hills
In all those tiny towns
That populate the green countryside
And every visionary who in them has lived and died
I love
But most of all
I have fallen in love with the version of me
That comes out when I am in Italy

— The End —