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anotherken Nov 2018
Powdered blue, I seep into
A lost city, that one city
Where rainbow colors shine upon
The fragile appall of this shining race
I call a sick fantastical whimsical face
*****, ****, thieve
No matter how we do it, we don't heed
We don't need
To smell, to taste the greed
Of a cold-blooded primitive man
Into this crazy kaleidoscope
That you put up to stop our plans.

Liquid red, I fall into a trance
Babes, everyone wanna dance
Lightning in a bottle,
Bottle it up
Lick it up
**** it up, you stuck-up ****-up ****-up
And a ******* headache in the morning
Rise up, follow up
Don't stop stopping
To stop popping
And stop
To stop at a stopping stomp.

A grey smoke at the white table,
We starve off our stories and fables.
Listen to the rock and roll radio
As we drive past the speed limit
Man without limits
Is it what that impasse is, that can be passed?
How many can ye,
O faithful people
Pass into limbo
Pass unto your mumbo-jumbo,
I will hold onto that doorknob's hole
Looking at the narrow path ahead.
Before the dead man drives me dead.

Let us, then, oh you and I,
With our black dresses and white umbrellas
Drive off into the desert road
To look at the sun's light
Oh, how our blight
Has caused us blind
But we don't seem to mind
What we inject unto ourselves!
L e a d  t h e  w a y ,  o h  l e a d  p o i s o n i n g.
Harrison Leland Jun 2018
Inhale you in my lungs
Inject you in my veins
Memories of you still stuck in my brain
Connected as one
Soon to come undone
You were not the one
Daisy Rae Nov 2017
I’ve been injected with false hope so many times I can’t cope.
Esther Jun 2017
They inject it into your brain
Directly through the skin and through the skull
Don’t even ask about the pain
Anyway, it seeps into the cortex
Lighting up the neurons with memories
What memories?
First piggy back, first pulled tooth, first death wish
Soft stuff springing into sparks
And then oh, the flames
Don’t even ask about the pain
The straining emotion remains, of course
And new connections are made
Stemming phylum connections between
One ethereal feeling to the overwhelming onslaught of
You know, things
Then the frontal lobe takes a break
It sips that stuff and stops
And thinks- we all know where that leads
Detachment and dissociation start dancing
They tango to the dull beat of your heart
It thump thumps and there’s nothing else really
Your brain wakes up every few minutes
The background music playing
And it makes you **** in this weird cold air
Stuff happens, things stay alive
And the injection well
It’s faded the minute it was dispensed
You were never more or less awake
But it’s all still moving slow-quick
Slow down, you say quickly
It speeds up
You’re feeling everything that’s ever been felt
What a rush what an end

Now it ends.
You slouch
You see there isn’t a needle or a pen
Nor a blade of any kind
And the thumps are replaced by heavy thuds
The sound rattling in your ear canal
You inject it into your brain again
You get up to brush your teeth and wash your face.
I originally wasn't intending to be a poet
But I was a wizard and didnt know it
You casted a spell on me that I never could of deflected
But I took all the good it injected
And made the numbers projected.
My juices were flowing like they were supposed to
Into new waters.
wraiths Aug 2015
how could i
be so foolish
as to think that
i could inject you
into my bloodstream
and expect to live
a straightedge lifestyle
wraiths Aug 2015
looking at you is like shooting stardust up my veins, sweetheart

— The End —