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  Apr 3 alice
Salmabanu Hatim
in a dark alley
lovers kiss in a corner
street dog is on guard.
  Apr 3 alice
A tear
Weights thousand woe
On the verge
Hanging by a thread
Swinging, singing her sorrows
And let go
At the sight of You
alice Apr 3
They just think that she is a little strange
They can't see the thoughts or feelings inside her head
And if they saw,
They would weep
For the pain inside her
is so terrible

her is me
  Apr 2 alice
are simply that..

are daydreams

can be reality,

are unlikely
  Apr 1 alice
I am choking on silence as we sit.
   We used to be so close
and now we’re miles apart but in the same room?
You say “ I’ve missed you” and I copy. We are falsely brought together by materialistic objects and drawn apart when there is nothing to give. Yet we claw for each other, yearning for the past love that we once had and now is gone, somewhere else, occupying someone else.
alice Apr 1
your tears are like ice burning into flesh
each tiny droplet is a memory
a memory that you've stashed deep in your soul
and every single time these tears spill
it leaves a rough imprint on you
like those scars tracing your arms
into your veins
to your heart
pumping screams and shouts
to your soul
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