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Pia V May 2021
If love was flight then I’d stay perched
Perhaps for fear of falling but
To see it all, I’d watch atop
Up twenty stories, far enough

Observed, and learned, but never felt
That freedom comes with many doubts
And I for one will not go out  
Much further than my steady perch
Hannah Christina May 2018
I dare not listen to the news.
I squeeze my eyes shut and refuse.

Torrential cries and senseless violence
I look past to hold my silence.

Is this so wrong?
It's not as if
My worrying the world will shift.

I do not know if it is right,
But I will skip the news tonight.
Daviaso Feb 2018
Hello, poetry;

Into thine eyes I ne’r hath gazed,
Yet tales of awe to me are raised
Of glor’ous minds and rich essay
That rise above the ‘net’s dismay.

So let me join thy hallowed ranks,
And I will sing my grateful thanks
With works of art that raise thy creed;
You won’t regret your present deed.
I worked too ******* my entry poem to keep it between whoever reviewed it and me.

— The End —