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alexa Sep 2
being alone makes me realize that i’ve never actually ‘dealt with it’

sure, i’ve had good days but when it comes down to it; i go to bed at night, and i think. i think about what we could’ve been if we never stopped. maybe i overreacted?

but then i remember, you’ve done nothing but backstab people. you’ve done nothing but hurt. i was nothing but good to you and you still repaid me with breaking my heart and my trust.

so ******* for ever making me happy and making me believe that you cared. because you never did, and that’s something i have to deal with.
i've learned that i kinda have to go with what i think is right when it comes to situations like these. am i going to regret it later? probably. but it's worth it because everything happens for a reason :,)
Jade Welch Mar 13
I am closed off,
not because I am afraid of what you might do.

I fear I might scar your heart, in a way no lovers kiss may heal.

After all 'hurt people hurt people', right?

— The End —