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Poetic T Apr 2020
I took up gardening
during the quarantine..

  I made a lovely death bed
                I mean rose bed...

My husband hasn't been back
             in a while?

O' well

             I mean, 999 I haven't seen
my husband since I sent him out
           for milk..

He was coughing a lot but
                      I'm in quarantine.

So I couldn't go to find him,
                                 I'm killing him,
sorry I'm missing him.

Blue lights flashing,
            the boys in blue..

"Would you like a coffee,

"Yes, thanks love,

As we sat across from the roses,
      I asked,    "You ok,

"Ye, I just think these things look
               nice but smell like death

As they leave I give them homemade cookies,
                special ingredient

homemade LSD..

Just encase they had any thoughts that I
         was the killer.

Rest in Peace hubby, I'm always right....
Eliana Horning Jan 2020
i’m crocheting a little friend
a stingray
out of teal and white yarn i am spinning him
he is tighly woven and
thinly drawn

and his eyes are stitched of black yarn woven into sloppy crosses
i don’t know if i’ll keep my little friend once he is complete
he is something that should be given away
to someone who needs his soft company more than i
i could make a thousand stingrays once i understand the pattern
but in giving him away he would be
someone’s only stingray
and i think everyone should have
a soft tightly wound sea creature
at least once in their lives
Eliza Prasai Mar 2019
A misty, windy evening
She glances out through the window
She thinks of her life,
All the way she has been through
She smiles wide
Her childhood surprises her
She feels like it was a fantasy
She remembers it's innocence,
The fearless and the careless days,
Her lips widen :)
The day is so faint, so colorless
Yet, it brings so much to her
Like she is related by blood to the day,
She breathes it's air
She feels the wind
that strikes her skin and her feelings,
She remembers the place she was born
She remembers her home and origin
She remembers the struggle she has made
And she puts up a smile onto her face.
There's lightning and there's thunder
All of a sudden,
Raindrops pour down the earth
She smells her roots with the drops
She is overwhelmed
She watches the raindrops
Slowly and silently getting absorbed by the earth
Giving the earth it's greenery, it's lost color
And it's sense of life.
It makes her feel like
Her struggle and her tears are also accepted
In the same way like the raindrops
Giving her life it's meaning
Transforming her into better each day
Making her learn the lessons of life
Making her stronger and tougher
And above all,
Making her smile each day with all the remembrances and reminiscences.
You got to stick to your roots always. :)
Harmony Oct 2015
When I think of feeling despair for unknown reasons
I know it is time for me to create something
As I think of this, words of a friend come to my mind
As to how she finds comfort in cooking
So I go to the refrigerator and search out ingredients
To make a warm healthy dish for my family
it makes me feel good after washing, cutting
chopping, grinding and sauteing
All the while I take in the aroma of each ingredient
And finally as a whole dish
spooning them for taste testing
and when my nose and tongue
lets me know that is A OK
I find that I am feeling better
Enough to wash the dishes n
wipe down the counter top
this is free-writing ; please feel free to correct. I will be grateful that you took the time to read.

— The End —