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Eliza Prasai Sep 2019
In a distance lives someone,
In a universe parallel to yours
Living a life so alike
Like Parallel lines, not even a dot of difference
Listens to the same midnight songs and stories,
A person, different dimensions but similar emotions
Who loves your favorite actor and artist the same
who thinks the same, who sings the same
A person who you'd spend the entire night with
watching the stars in the sky
someone who'd travel insanely with you
someone you'd share your smiles and crazy laughs with
Both inside and outside of the photographs
but do you really have a choice or are you destined?
That someone from the parallel world
that someone impossible
someone you'll just quite never meet
someone you'll probably miss until forever
Cause you see the things about parallel lines?
They never meet. ......
#life #abstract #parallel #parallellines #infinity #infinityandbeyond
Eliza Prasai Sep 2019
Retracing my way out where I belong,
Re road mapping the roads I walked,
Under the sun, beyond the clouds
Below the light, away from the dark
A piece of the soul,
An intensity of delight,
Stream of thoughts, forthcoming thoughts!
A puzzle solved. (Period)
Walking ways
Twisted, yet simple
Playing parts.  
A piece so small, an impact so big.
No words,
An umbrella covering the void,
Makes no sense, but can be felt
No completeness for the sake of the surrounding
Neither none or everything. ✨
Eliza Prasai Sep 2019
The unavoidable void

A hole in the heart
An unavoidable void
You are always afraid of it
It is endless, you thrive to fill it
By luck sometimes and by your skill
The need to fill this void
Makes you so desperate
You forget that,
It's absence is your existence
And much more than thousand words
Speaks your loud silence.
Eliza Prasai Jun 2019
Thousand meters from the ground, at the rooftop
She stood up staring at that darkness
Darkness, that surrounded the city..
Thinking about life and what she lost
Little sparkles of light went up
Like a tangent to the city's circle
Too beautiful yet too small to cover up!
To cover up her thoughts of being the only one
She absorbs the dusk.
"BLACK" "There's nothin' left." She says,
Looks around hates the wind, everything
She loses her mind in her head's black
But then looks back to the depth to get back
She was once 'alive and deep.'
Reality pauses a while, time seems stand and still
Motionless, yet she swims to the depth
No matter how black, hurt or dead.
For darkness was never worth the soul's depth.
#darkness #depth #feelings
Eliza Prasai Apr 2019
The ink revealed all my sealed joys
"I love you like the sea loves the shore."
But waves were drowing the shore,
And then the midnight moon comes into play
They say drowning is blind,
Little do they know
Blind are those, who never drown
If and mays come into play
"May I drown in the sea of your love?"
"What if the waves drown you?"
What if I really want to swim in
What if I want to get pulled in
To the deepest parts
What if the current of those waves
Take me somewhere
A complete else where
From the real world
Where it can be just you and me.
Eliza Prasai Mar 2019
A misty, windy evening
She glances out through the window
She thinks of her life,
All the way she has been through
She smiles wide
Her childhood surprises her
She feels like it was a fantasy
She remembers it's innocence,
The fearless and the careless days,
Her lips widen :)
The day is so faint, so colorless
Yet, it brings so much to her
Like she is related by blood to the day,
She breathes it's air
She feels the wind
that strikes her skin and her feelings,
She remembers the place she was born
She remembers her home and origin
She remembers the struggle she has made
And she puts up a smile onto her face.
There's lightning and there's thunder
All of a sudden,
Raindrops pour down the earth
She smells her roots with the drops
She is overwhelmed
She watches the raindrops
Slowly and silently getting absorbed by the earth
Giving the earth it's greenery, it's lost color
And it's sense of life.
It makes her feel like
Her struggle and her tears are also accepted
In the same way like the raindrops
Giving her life it's meaning
Transforming her into better each day
Making her learn the lessons of life
Making her stronger and tougher
And above all,
Making her smile each day with all the remembrances and reminiscences.
You got to stick to your roots always. :)
Eliza Prasai Mar 2019
And I can't
I caN'T mAke YOu sEe wHaT I See ;
THe hOrroR, tHe chaNce oF caTaStrophe :(
YOu liSten tO tHat whiCh wiLL iNevitablY cRy
AnD I aM a LiE, ThR in uR miNd :(

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