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Harmony Sep 6
Love's deep intention fulfilled
My being carved out with care utmost
Love in vein  flows red colored
My desires took me far from love
Where I searched but not found

I searched all along with open eyes
I wandered from land to land
I skipped from object to object
I land here tired and out of breath
I hear the glug glug of  the flow

Here I am listening to the whisper
My heart was yearning for attention
My heart desired to be owned
By this prodigal son  of  no care
Alas how I wasted my time thus

Here I am listening with care
Thanking father for this love
The love that binds me at my heart
The love that runs in veins
Love's drops are colored red

Red is the color of love
Heart is the shape of love
How could I have missed the beat
That told me a million times
I LOVE thee now and forever
Harmony Aug 28
Yes, I get angry
when people are full of stuff
that they want to unload
yet, this doesn't stop me
from being me -
from being peaceful.

i have decided
to chose love
to chose forgiveness
when i see signs
of frustrations
and finger pointing.

upon thus deciding
i find myself
remembering that i chose love
remembering that i chose forgiveness
as soon as i sense illusions spilled.

I chose self love first
i chose self forgiveness first
since i am not a storehouse
where grace is filled
i have been a sojourner too.

I thus plead for grace
to fill my bucket  with
love and forgiveness at night
so that I can start delivering them
upon waking in the morning.

my time is spent thus
delivering these graces
from morning till night
on the streets, on the phone
to my thoughts and to all.

I love and i forgive
it is what i am created for
so to anger i gently nod
and say that i love you
i thank you for your concerns.

for through you, my anger
i was able to express
able to feel alive
able to become aware
now it is time for you to rest.

anger, my beloved,
i must let you rest now
for I used you far too long
as excuse not to love
as excuse not to forgive.

Let me transform you
while you rest
into the embodiment
of love and forgiveness
where you lose yourself
to explore your lighter side.
Harmony Aug 26
Hundred upon hundred of miles traveled
Thousand upon thousand encounters passed
Million upon million of thoughts fled
Numberless are the emotions evoked

Turning around to recount the miles
Failing to remember all those encounters
Losing grip with the reason for those thoughts
Channeling back those weary emotions

Ceasing to ask why I am far from
Seeming encounters were distractions
Searching here in the pool of thoughts
Choosing the ones that bring me home

Heading homeward is also an illusion
When home is where I always AM
Standing in awe of those very illusions
For they entertained elusively buying time
Harmony Aug 24
Fear stays behind closed doors
Afraid of itself and the unknown
Fear doesn't let go from clinging
Afraid of being forgotten

Fear wants to see what courage does
Courage stays outdoors all day long
Courage has no time to be timid
Courage makes things happen

Fear wants to see all that Courage does
Fear hides behind closed doors
In presence of courage it peeps out
In presence of courage fear loosens grip

Fear and Courage are my twin children
I need them both for each serves a purpose
Fear is the one who warns me to be aware
Courage is the one who tells me it is alright

Fear and courage are hugged in meditation
My love poured out on both for being thus
Nonidentical twins they express me
Expressions are here to be explored

Secret of wisdom is in embracing the twins
Both with equal love and affection
Not forgetting to ask them why and what
Makes them appear in a certain way

They tell me very sincerely
Of how things make them feel
When they let me know I can
Analyze, step over or let go

All of which lets me grow
In my awareness of the now
As I sit here more wise
I owe it to my ***** twins
Harmony Aug 24
When I don't know that I am
In the moments I don't have thoughts
In the moments I am acting to serve
In the moments I am singing  out of joy

When I don't know that I am
In the moments I am walking to move
In the moments I am talking to express
In the moments I am hugging to be close

These are the moments when I am Present
These moments of my Absence
In these moments may all be
In these moments may I not know me
Harmony Aug 24
not easy to be
not easy to let be
so i rise
so i act
so i speak
so i write
so let it be
in the rising
in the acting
in the speaking
in the writing
Harmony Aug 24
this moment in daylight
In my living room
observing trees in the backyard
beyond living room and deck

sensing a connection to nature
hearing the sound of the typing
sounds of the air and nature
intermingled with shades of sight

fingers moving thoughts converging
bringing me to the presence
shadows of tree trunks on my deck
dancing with the light

critters chirping airplanes soaring
vehicles raging by on the street
sending me the sounds
of their existence

thus i am content to be sharing
this moment with all who are
being in the moment on their own
may all be well with all beings
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