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Harmony Oct 13
penning what feels at the moment
with the limited skill with words
to release the pressure built up inside
to embrace the softness that remains....
Harmony Oct 13
Knowing to heal
Freeing of fear
Fear, the cause
Face the fear and heal thyself

Fear of enemies and dangers
fear of losing ground
fear of not being loved
fear of not being liked

Attentively hold each one
Asking why they are there
They are not enemies
They seek release

Sit in silence spreading a mat
Welcome each guest as Rumi suggest
Welcome  welcome welcome
Lest they be orphaned
Harmony Oct 13
Let them teach you what to be aware of
Thank them for being there
But do tell them "I know you're here"
Weave them between the heart and breath
May they soften with attention

Let them know you are aware
Thank them for the company
But to tell them "I can breathe now"
Weave them through and through
With each inbreath and outbreath

Do be careful to deal with just one
Hold just one emotion at at time
For each alone can be rather timid
When attended to with compassion

Let them dissolve into the pool of wisdom
May your journey be lighter
With each emotion attended to
Shines a light into the unknown
Harmony Oct 13
Just know yourself and be grateful
Just know that you are enough
Just know that you are here
Just know that you are breathing
Just know that no one knows
The depth of your understanding
The depth of your intuition
The depth of your Being
Only known when in silence
Only you need to know
Love yourself as it is no one's business
Bless yourself each and every moment
Bless yourself with gratitude
Bless yourself and feel your heart expand
Bless yourself like it is your only business
Harmony Oct 13
Being grateful for these fingertips
Being grateful for the sight
Being grateful for the hearing
Being grateful for the air on skin
Being grateful is the way to change
Brain changes with gratitude
Brain gains gray matter when thankful
Being grateful counting blessing
Beyond the sarcasm and the pointers
Beyond the nosiness of the bystander
Be grateful for who you are
Be grateful for what you are
Be grateful for your journey
Notice your fingertip
Notice the sounds around you
Notice the sense of touch
Notice with awe and wonder
Notice that you are blessed
Notice that you are the blessing
Harmony Oct 2
No medicine ever made
Can come anywhere near
The healing power of vibration
Vibration from movement, light, sound

Heal thus through vibration
Heal through chanting
Heal through rhythmic movement
Heal through being in the light

Heal also in the night's darkness
Heal with water as you wash away
Heal from touch sensations
Heal from within and without

No medicine can heal a mind
That limits itself
Noticing the limiting belief
Allows room for new resonance

Let there be noticing
Let there be awareness
Let there be awakening
Let there be a vibrational resonance

In this moment may you heal
In this awareness may you rest
In this knowing may you be at peace
In this breath may there be awakening
Harmony Oct 2
What is the value of honesty?
What is the cost of dishonesty?
When will one learn to be honest?
How is one to adjust between the two?

Transformation depends on honesty
Suffering is the cost of dishonesty
When one notices the friction
One notices and knows from within

When you acknowledge what is available to the senses
When palms loosen the grip
When the breath is flowing freely
When one witnesses without attaching

It is the power of honesty
Comes with training the mind
Through questioning and feeling
Feel through the breath into Being

Being honest is the easy way out
Be honest at least to the self
All else stems out of this self
For the one who trains the mind
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