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Sebastian VL Mar 14
Super Saiyan like Goku
Japanese got Nobu
Got things to blow through
Soul searching eat soul food

Lineman said go blue
Know things I know too
Cough down got the flu
'Rona season ye they knew

Hit a lick and they rich now
Kobe shooting bricks now
Make music you call sounds
Shorty go two rounds

Henny Henny on the flip town
Jealousy they talk about
I don't really give a **** now
I just wanna blow it up now

Someone come roll spliffs
6ix God go views this
Air punching got no fists
I just feel so diff

Get rich and go dip
Pinking I go swim
Jelly jelly got no diss
****** like solstice

Don't want to lose connect
Dripping down like a faucet
I just want to be blessed
Late sleep feel too stressed

Situations go reflect
"**** my ex" is a reflex
I just want two things
Big money and respect

East to side to the rex
Play smart got no decks
Aces  up next
Need a queen be the best

Whip around in my X
Flex on my ex
Check time Rolex
Get "I miss you" texts
This poem is a rhythmic work of art that flows to the instrumental of "B.S" by Jhene Aiko Ft. H.E.R. It is a personal poem based on my past gastronomical, athletic, romantic, and impactful experiences. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day. :)
Äŧül May 2017
So fast you fly,
And you teleport,
In time and space,
You bend each law,
And you fire the beam,
N**ow - Ka-me-ha-me-ha!!!
Me and my cousin brother Pranshu Saini are devout fans of the DragonballZ series.

My HP Poem #1556
©Atul Kaushal
Grim Reaper Sep 2016
Let's go after our dreams
which we lost one day we need them back it seems
go and gather all the stars
that will open upon a gate up in the sky
Which will lead us a brand new stage
Where we'll go and challenge our Past

Fight intense, be dynamic
Let's **, ** . don't panic

Losing makes us stronger than before
There will be no limits, no regrets
We'll keep fighting, we'll keep pushing onward
fly up high, be dynamic
Let's go!
punch and kick
oh, we're trembling with Adrenalin
brand new stories are about to begin
Dragoon Ball Z Title song, Awesome...
Devin Eggins May 2015
My planet burned.left in crumbles.
I fall to the ground from quite the tumble.
I fought the tyrant
Gave it my best shot
Now all hope lies in the hands of Kakarot.
I pray I was right.
Will the prophecy be true? Look out monster...he's coming for you.

— The End —