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Àŧùl May 2017
So fast you fly,
And you teleport,
In time and space,
You bend each law,
And you fire the beam,
N**ow - Ka-me-ha-me-ha!!!
Me and my cousin brother Pranshu Saini are devout fans of the DragonballZ series.

My HP Poem #1556
©Atul Kaushal
Devin Eggins May 2015
My planet burned.left in crumbles.
I fall to the ground from quite the tumble.
I fought the tyrant
Gave it my best shot
Now all hope lies in the hands of Kakarot.
I pray I was right.
Will the prophecy be true? Look out monster...he's coming for you.
pum pum slaya Jan 2015
I got a big power pole that extends to Kamis lookout
Its so big and massive Dende dont doubt
Got my ***** gathered underneath you know I do
I know what you want to wish for so ill *** and give it to you
You say yours is big, you are just a claimer
My power pole so big It cant even be contained in the hyperbolic time chamber
My power pole is such a galore
Not even Hercule can save you anymore
I know your curious ill make you come browsing
Then when you find it your gonna be like ohshit ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!

— The End —