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Grim Reaper Nov 2018
Main dooba to samundar
Ko bi hairat hui,
Ajeeb shaqs he kisi ko
Pukarta hi nahi.
Grim Reaper Apr 2018
I’ve seen A world
Inspire our egos
Only to distroy
Our beauty within.
Grim Reaper Mar 2018
Wish you a happy married life sister.

From your loving brother
Grim Reaper Feb 2018
"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about. “Rumi”
#waheguru #3am #4am
Grim Reaper Feb 2018
It whirls and repeats; the song that connects you to the sky

The gauge that barely stopped now goes off the scale

From my eyelids, meteors fall like raindrops

With a gripping sensation, a strong emotion awakened within me

A tiny possibility softly twinkles in the starry sky

The wish from that day shoots overhead

An endless melody; you're always the one who makes me tremble

The surging meteors strike my heart
Grim Reaper Sep 2017
jannat ki tamanna
kuch teri, kuch meri.

Udne ki Tamanna
kuch teri, kuch meri

na jaane kaha se aye or kaha jaye
Ye jindagi kuch teri, kuch meri.
Grim Reaper Aug 2017
If the signal of farewell rings in the night skyfall,
I will think of you,
Who will go far away someday.

I watched you from your left,
I looked at the side of your face,
were you laughing or were you crying?
Your long hairs was in the way.

If the signal of farewell rings in the night skyfall,
It will shine an enternal light,
On the path of our weak selves someday,
So that we may met again.
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