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Erin Suurkoivu Sep 2016
I become gluttonous
on solitude,

the way a person luxuriates
in furs and silk,

Italian leather,
diamond rings.

The finer things.

What can possibly be finer
than silence?
Jillian Jesser Mar 2016
Cut down the borders
                             Of your
          Release the enemy who


Waters bonded                      Free

       Truth in love                    Flickers


       Televisions on and buzzing
Now                 on to
                  Souls Crushing
      Bonds         direct
                will correct their jibes

Come to those who know your


And to those who hate their game.
Machines hate their game. Power to the people. Ain't no walls being built here. Stop focusing on them in your mind. Don't be afraid 'for the machines pulling strings whether they say they in your dreams.
Peter Watkins Feb 2015
Feeling the darkness
never more careless
pushing the boundaries
of my desires so tasteless
needing it all, making them fall;
my demands fair as my fantasies.

Oh my fools how I want it all,
want even more as I watch you crawl.
Can't accept a generous offering
or a life long promise tough as a wall;
I need to consume everything.
I must fulfil this blotting feeling.

I want to take in your money
letting addiction intensify
like swallowing alcohol.
I want to restrict you, too lively
and you won't be a threat to me at all.
You'll be consumed as though I'm Sol.

I'm an expanding sun, I am,
expanding as I die before blam!
I take you all with me.
I'm not going to stammer
before the end I won't pause
and I'll own you and everything.

You're nothing I'm everything.
You're a part of me, just a thing.
I've taken all that's yours
and that must sting
as you're nothing but my possession;
one among millions, isn't the tension astounding?

You do what you're told
and I know I'm disgusting to behold
but power comes at a price.
My consummation results clear and bold
as my ego becomes gluttonous with arrogance.
You do what you're told; no holding back.

Step in line
that's just fine
make sure you don't move.
You're mine.
Take a punch from me, without objection;
give one if it's to my instruction.
This is about greed but mainly dictators and governments. Though it can be applied to a few things.

— The End —