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Senthil Rhaj Jun 2020
The best mornings are made up of
waking up to new horizons abroad,
caducity not in my thought,
smell of the fresh day
— as pure as petrichor;
the day born as richer,
‘tis a new tune in embouchure
between past and future.
Senthil Rhaj Jun 2020
Life was void.

It’s she,

Opened the curly braces

Of my life;

My heart,

Imbibed the input –

Stream of her smiles;

The output – “<3 <3”

Got into an infinite loop

On the soul’s own console;

Sensing the love in return,

Jumped to the function – Life:

The Life with various parameters –

Joy, sorrow, warm, pain

Passed through a switch..

That returned “Love” on every case;

Life was full of snickers

At the mistakes of semicolons;

Making the bytes of sweet memories

Giga bytes to zetta bytes;

Now, the time,

As good code must,

Terminating with a graceful

End, Kissing her, Love!
Senthil Rhaj Jun 2020
For eternity, the cue
that my queen does veil
her in the letter Q
taking me off the teacher’s dwale
showed the heaven’s hue
was a clear saile
she lingered on as a dew
till comes the pale
my love for you, Q, is true
Q, the angel, brought me the quill!
Senthil Rhaj Jun 2020
The thickest drug, to the humanoid
Takes the high from its brew
An appropriate word!
To woo women, to move from grief
To win a freedom, to sin a death
From the *****, the eternal essence
To blossom the nerve bud, to twitch the bud’s soul
To verse, to spell
The rain can be of honey nuggets and **** pellets
Was this mixed-ness right to do?!
Words are to save thyself
To save others
O this short life, no time to leave important words unsaid
Let it drip from our tongues like honey,
Trip others
Words, words,
Senthil Rhaj Jun 2020
Winds became scary, clouds became haunting,
Birds clinging to nests, trees dancing as ghosts,
I was ten, when I was lost, that evening
What I had been cursing ere, is for what I was crying
Running in road I ain’t known, alone,
Torture devils methinks — are my guardian angels, realising then,
Sunken in rain, doomed life — in one pass of cloud
The fall, could I sever my tears and rain?!
running in road, drenched, yet thirsty,
My spine frore afeared, I could fall in ambuscade,
The place I dispraised, that I wished to leave
Was my heaven in truth, I realised then mooncalf I was,
The very fabric of my bane heart, torn asunder,
The darkness filling my eyes I behold, that something billowed,
Dight with doit?! — not even hope,
Hopeless, perhaps I might got end up with rags and pigs,
It went to night, when I found a light yonder,
Did I ran, or did I flied or did I jumped to,
That bedlam, there was a house across a meadow,
A woman, quoth she, waited until, my tears and rain stoped,
The woman portaged me back to my place,
Back to the arms of my guardian angel — the warmth,
The clouds cleared, no more haunting, in my eyes — my guardian angels!

— The End —