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WoeBegone Aug 24
Your death is a terrible thing,
And so are the lines that lie
in the silent corners,
And the shady borders
Of light.
You lived many a life before.
Too many
to be afraid of death.
And you died
Too many deaths before,
To fear the rays of life.

~ RIP Pablo.
Rest in peace Pablo.
WoeBegone May 28
Is a ray of light
Where ferruginous ducks
A million lullaby,
They sing.

And in the dark of night,
I have discovered
A Fragment
Of peace.

And by the lake I've seen
Memories of future,
And I have seen
As it should've been.
WoeBegone Mar 31
Lost in the widening shore,
The words were mere,
But unspoken.
We should've made a vow, my dear,
For now I'm feeling so
Hand me one more dream,
Whisper another lie.
You know..
A dream is just
A nicer place to die.
WoeBegone Oct 2022
A poem is what
you use it for, to explore
the unreachable.
WoeBegone Aug 2020
Poor scarlet waves
born to die already.
Wearing their mother’s robe
On their fragile body.
Why do we rush to our ends,
hitting the things unsteady?
There is some grief in ends,
I know..
But maybe there is rhapsody.

— The End —