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Khoi-San Mar 7
Hearts break in the middle
bleeding extends
over the war
that rages on
aniket nikhade Jul 2015
Issue or no issue, the fact that there is no issue becomes an issue
Over a period of time this issueless issue gathers the strength of storm,
a storm, which is waiting to happen in your life.

Story or no story,
there is always a story,
which goes on at the back of your mind.

Subconscious mind has got lot of things in it's store to store some of which belong the past,
a few amongst them belong to present,
somewhere along the line of thinking a few amongst them even relate to the future.
Hence story or no story there is always a story that goes on in the mind, the only thing that remains is that you need to redress the same.

Whether you agree upon or you disagree,
argue or deny,
more or less,
it makes little or no difference.

A fact that always draws all your attention,
something, which remains pretty much the same,
over a period of time a bottom line which is drawn also states the same,
conflicts have always remained a part of everyone's life.

Over a period of time everything related to conflicts remains more or less the same.
At most the intensity of conflict can be reduced, later on the same conflict will come up again, if not resolved.
Definitely over a period of time everything related to a conflict remains more or less the same, if not resolved.

When efforts are been made at every level to decide upon the future course of action something is waiting to happen round the corner,
waiting to take place is nothing else,
nothing different, but a debate.

Now here at this point in time during a debate, conflict makes it's first appearence.
Conflicts can govern any kind of form, small or big, then that doesn't matter.
Initially at the beginning intentions or obligations will not come in middle of the way.
If you don’t have any intentions, doesn't matter.
For the time being things will remain stable,
but not for quite long time,
sooner or later things will change,
since your peers will defintiely take the much needed initiative of getting you involved in the conflict making sure that the debate continues taking a new shape.
The conflict of thoughts will then begin again.
Like or dislike, love or hate, feelings and emotions have remained a part of everyone's life.

Complex is the nature of thoughts going on in the mind different from routine
So complex are the thoughts going on in the mind,
so much so that they make the most simplest of things in life look complex.

A perplexed situation bothers the mind
Everything that goes on in the mind then needs monitoring,
need of hour remaining more or less the same
The need prior was also the same,
need during overcoming an odd still remains very much the same.
Not only how to make things work is the concern in the present, but much more concerning is to make them work in the right way.
The only way out is to pick up the right moment in time to get the right way out of the present situation.

Almost all the time many feel,
if not most of us that life is simple,
however, most of the time this does not happen,
neither does it hold true.
Definitely, sooner or later,
a few simple things become a part of everyone's life remaining in their life for quite a long time.

— The End —