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JS Feb 2020
we study lips
yet no sound
can convey
what remains unspoken

we draw trees
for every sentence
then refuse
to paint the leaves

every word
we know how to create
but creators
we are not

the history of language
walks our tongues
we admire
without adding

we analyze
written or spoken
to avoid
our own
KathleenAMaloney Jul 2016
My Fault

I felt your light upon my
With melting Streams
And Rivers
I did Fear

Oceans of Goodness
So Intense
No Thought of Myself
Could I Take

No other could be Greater
For This
I am Alive
Blameless Life
I'm Sorry.
Thank you for trying
NicoleRuth Nov 2014
We are just a blur
of emotions, feelings and art.
We don't walk but float
from place to place.
Drifting in our own little bubble of
memories and stories.
this is just a  little something I wrote about the two most amazing and talented friends I've met in college
svdgrl Aug 2014
Voices exclaiming in the distance,
It's 1:44 am.
I wish you didn't feel so righteous.
But maybe you are right,
There could be better things than this.
And though I love you
And I could be drunk,
And feel empty in the morning.
I can't help but feel what I'm believing in is like what the world finds

— The End —