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i remember
rainy days
spent gazing
out of cold
we'd race
with our
breath misting
the glass
inner worlds
of hidden
and signs
we were young
enough then
to remember
how to sing the
melody of rain
and understand
its secret language
of ebb and flow
in an echo of time
ageless and pure
in its sincerity

this place
is ours
a secret
settle on
closed eyes
tears that
fall upon
open pages
a place
beyond time
forever held
in memory
where we
exist only
for eachother

to winter i belong
a soft, quiet time
of liminal moments

shadow and light
flickering and dancing
on the edge of sight

there, you will find me
in the gossamer wings
of winter birds that dust

their feathers with snow
and ice, their hearts
forever frozen in time

there, you will find me
in the cloudy breath
of barren moors where

stags crown their heads
with naked trees that sleep
beneath an ageing sun

always, you will find me
in winter's cold embrace
in a land frosted with dreams

i was wild once
i ran with wolves
and lived off the land
who was my mother
i ate the wind
and drank the rain
the sun warmed my skin
while the dark taught me fear
by the moon and stars
i found my way
and by the cycles of seasons
i knew my place in the world
unfettered and unbound
i was free as any bird
unconquered and unexplored
untamed by any man
beauteous body
of lines and curves
soft swell of breast
full bloom of hips
secret flower within
bury my heart
in your sweet folds
dear heart
you fought so hard
and for so long
but silent is the song
that hangs from your lips
and fragments of memory
slip quietly out of the room
where you left me
holding your hand
as the shadows grew long
these old
shoes leave
everywhere i go
new places or old
small details
-  soft imprints
of my being
are revealed
by the intimacy
of time and memories
of travels
far and wide
markers of a lifelong
journey of which
the destination
remains unknown
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