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Ellie Jan 31
shame running through her vein
guilt as a heart beat
afraid of what she is
denying her existence
looking at the mirror
reflection of a monster
no pity to be found
sorrow all around
Ellie Jan 23
eyes full of joy
yet reflect her damaged soul
Ellie Jan 23
infinite thoughts
stuck in a gaze
Ellie Jan 23
memories hunting her
'it's" touch on her skin
"it's" breath on her neck
"it's" lips on her chest
dancing to "it's" heart beats
following the rhythm of "it's" soul
looking from afar
eyes full of desire
Ellie Dec 2018
welcoming darkness
with open arms
unwanted it is
yet forcing itself
invading the gates
gates of her mind
gates of her soul
Ellie Nov 2018
curtains of rain
soaking wet
non-existent tears
an overwhelming storm
will it end ?
head down
drop by drop
loosing her sanity
Ellie Oct 2018
it is what it is
it is what it's meant to be
nothing to do
nothing to say
lacking affection
seeking love
wandered alone
slowly walking toward her end
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