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нина Aug 14
the cursed rattlesnake hissing
realising now i knew what had been missing
**** my mind mind mind for lying!
to myself, smiling
promising i could fix him;
rattlesnake hissing
"you're the only one who needs fixing"
Theology refers to the incident inside The Garden of Eden as the "Fall of Man" as, against God's will, Adam eats the forbidden fruit offered by Eve, which allowed him to distinguish good from evil. However, the bible does not actually mention an apple. In Latin, evil is 'malum' and an apple is called 'malus'. This could have been either a simple mistranslation or a deliberate play on these words.
SøułSurvivør Nov 2014
Would that Man
were like the sky
Which doesn't fuss
when clouds roll by.

Would that he
were like the wind
In patience blowing
rock to sand

Would that he
were like a bee
The common good
is all he sees!

Would that Man
were like the rain
Which mourns when
someone is in pain.

Would that he
was like the ant
Who is wise
won't say "I can't..."

Would that he
be like a tree
Safe heaven's
in its canopy.

Would that man
were like the bird
is never heard.

Would that Man
were like a cloud
But he's like thunder.
Warlike. Loud.

Could he be
more like a flower?
It knows that it
will last but hours.

Would that Man
were like the seas
Which only dances
in a storm's breeze!

Would that he
be like hard ground
... but a sprout is found!

Would that he
be like a fire
Warmth and sparks...
... his heart inspires!

He could be a
mountain range
Solid and in peace arranged.

Would that Man be like the sun
Shining down on everyone!

But Man is not like nature's best
As this world will attest.

If he'd look at her
then he would see
Then, finally,
he would be FREE

(C) The Raven
(C) SoulSurvivor
The Raven:
Be more concerned with our
character than our reputation.
The first is who we REALLY are,
and the latter is merely
what others THINK we are.

Poetic difference;
Reputation is what people say
in front of our TOMBSTONE.
Character is what the angels say
before GOD'S THRONE.

When God made our earth
and its creatures,
He said, "It is good."
The earth and its creatures
have been suffering ever since.

I would like to thank The Raven.
He was a wonderful collaborator!
Thanks my friend!

JP Goss Oct 2014
Patchwork sky beyond the reach
—They breach the alley way
Swimming swathes amidst the blue
—Flash the knives and young curses
Lost for incongruity
—Mere kids, mere savagery
All, now, is coated silver
—Empty packets hunger
We move on toward our night
—Shame young beasts grow old, too.

— The End —