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нина Aug 14
the cursed rattlesnake hissing
realising now i knew what had been missing
**** my mind mind mind for lying!
to myself, smiling
promising i could fix him;
rattlesnake hissing
"you're the only one who needs fixing"
Theology refers to the incident inside The Garden of Eden as the "Fall of Man" as, against God's will, Adam eats the forbidden fruit offered by Eve, which allowed him to distinguish good from evil. However, the bible does not actually mention an apple. In Latin, evil is 'malum' and an apple is called 'malus'. This could have been either a simple mistranslation or a deliberate play on these words.
нина Jul 27
once inhabited
for containment
bottled up cider
— soon too sour

that we do is beautiful
but fleeting – living
a vile act of pure free will

blissful less peaceful
the corpses we make
. . . . - - -  - -  .

— The End —