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I can't kiss ***
Must be something i ate in class
Or was it mother's scalding tongue
That'd scorch ya just for fun
Or maybe brother's saucy mouth
That'd shake ya 'til all the loot fell out
No I can't kiss ****
Can't figure out this stuff
You might call me a brat
Say I'm a loud whiskered alley cat
But it could be that bull in ****
Dying for just another hit
Whatever it is
I can't seem to kiss ***
And if I did now I'm done
Maybe it sounds crass
But god help me
I'm no good at kissin' ***
I might get hell for this
You might think I'm takin' the ****
But I just don't have that kinda class
I just can't
I  can't kiss ****
Can't is included in my collection The Situation@amazon books.....I grew up in an Irish family that was rather blunt in terms of saying stuff about others or situations outside of them.. However there were deeper feelings that were not talked about and it not that kosher to talk about. I'm learning to be more vulnerable and unashamed of expressing feelings that may be uncomfortable but important for me and for my relationships with others...Can't feels like an antidote to living part of my life without authenticity.
Louisa Coller May 2015
My fingertips are scented iron,
I am here inside feeling so misplaced,
so irrelevant right now.

Three pairs of glasses on one desk,
two necklaces which are beautiful,
and then there is me here, so torn up.

I'm trying everyday to be happier,
but I feel like all I am doing is,
forcing out a beautiful happy facade.

Wear the mask, play the part,
nobody needs to know your pain today.

Wear the mask, play the part,
nobody'll know your main attraction.

My friends are pretty much the only thing,
the only ones I am bothering with.
Yet now I see, it's very clear to me,
that I will need to decide my path.

Why must I pick only one road?
When I want to explore them all,
I don't want to be forced aside,
to play a singular role this time.

Multiroling has been my key,
day #1 of false lies and screams,
I will paint a new image of me in the clouds.

— The End —