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Batool Nov 2020
Her love for him
bright enough to
turn his darkest hour
into a sky full of stars

His love for her
fragrant enough to
make it's presence known
to the blindest eye !!
i'm more afraid
of the darkness in my head
of those switched-off lights.
ive found my soulmate. help.
Skye Marshmallow Nov 2017
I think I am like fairy lights
With 10m of soul but only 1 that shines bright
Deciding carefully which parts of me
Make the up the world's display
I like to think the light I shine
Is all earned perfection and dainty smiles
As if the world would hate me
For letting go every once in a while
But really I am not naive enough
To believe the image I dream, is the image I show and
Honestly, I think it's better for the world to know
That the lights I emit flicker from time to time
So maybe I'll aspire to be seen as a human being
Break out from my hiding place of rythem and rhyme
And let the other 9m glow,
Even if only every once a while
Quick write.

— The End —